Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz – Switzerland

Table of Contents – Saint Moritz 

Saint Moritz – Switzerland: Meadows, Snow and Mountains

Saint Moritz (Sank Moritz) , located in the south-east of Switzerland, in the region known as Upper Engadine ,. The site is known worldwide for the celebration here of two winter games: 1928 and 1948.

Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz


Sankt Moritz (St. Moritz) was mentioned for the first time in the 12th century. It was a village that was formed around springs, which according to beliefs of the time had healing powers. The village is named after Saint Maurice, who according to legend was a martyred Christian in Roman Switzerland.

Bernina Express -Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

History of Saint Moritz

Caspar Badrutt, born in Samedan in 1819, emigrated as a child to Saint Moritz with his family and in 1858 he founded a hotel, antecedent of the current Hotel Kulm. In 1864 according to oral legends, he invited a group of Englishmen to his hotel with the condition that if they did not enjoy it, I would reimburse them for travel expenses. The visitors arrived and stayed more than six months.

Kulm Hotel -Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

A city with two dominant colors. White in winter and green in summer. Wet and slippery streets in winter, but with a lot of style and charm. . Impressive landscapes in summer with trails for trekking or excursions. We tell you how to enjoy the Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

Sports: Summers & Winters

In summer the Saint Moritz lake is full of water and sports activities. The lake it freezes and is also the scene of recreational activities. In 1907 a horse race was run on the frozen lake. They also practice other sports on ice such as polo (on the frozen lake), cricket, hockey and cross-country skiing.

Snow -Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

The lower part of the city concentrates the more than 5000 inhabitants of the city. We found the El Badrutt’s Palace, it is a hotel managed by five generations. The hotel opened its doors in 1896 and its creator, was one of the sons of Caspar Badrutt

Walking Saint Moritz

You can visit the town on foot in two hours. We start with Via Maistra, pedestrian in its first part. In this street there is a leaning tower that dates from 1570, although it is only 12 feet high and a slope of about four degrees. It was part of the old church of San Mauricio, destroyed in 1890. In the surroundings there are still some tombs.

City -Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

Nearby is the monument to the “crest corridor”, the local sport. It is practiced on a natural snow track that has its starting point where this bronze image is located. The event is held annually every winter since 1885.

The track is built new, every January, is almost one mile long and a slope between 1 and almost 10 degrees and a difference between origin and arrival of 2 yards

City -Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

Walking along the Via del Bagn you reach the Engadiner Museum, which allows you to get to know the life of the city in different periods. It is approximately one hour of travel. Price 20 dollars (13 Swiss Francs) and children under 16 years are free. Tuesday closed.

Funicular: Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

On the way to the mountain you can use the funicular railway linking Saint Moritz with the Corviglia ski center. The price is about US $ 60 per person per day. The snow pits of Corviglia are considered one of the most important in Europe. It has options for all levels including children. The Alpina Hütte center, close to the funicular station, closes from April to June.

Funicular -Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

On the way back, at the Chantarella transfer station, there is one last attraction. Half a mile away from the station is Heidi’s cabin. Here the film of this child character was filmed. Access is free and the walk to the place does not take more than 30 minutes.

Bernina Express: Panoranic Railway

Another way to enjoy the meadows, snow and mountains in Saint Moritz: Next to the lake Saint Moritz is the railway station. There is the terminal of two panoramic trains. Glacier Express and Bernina Express. Today we are going to talk about the latter because it is what we take to get to sank motitz. We did it from the station of Tirano (Italy).

Bernina Express -Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

After a journey of more than two hours through amazing landscapes, precipices, tunnels, bridges, lakes and snow, you will reach Saint Moritz. It is advisable to do it as much as if you are passing through or hiking. here the pictures of the train trip.

How to get there and where to stay

To Get: from anywhere in the world:

  • Naples or Rome Airport (Italy). Train or Fly to Milan (Italy). From Milan Train to the Main Station of Tirano (Italy) The Bernina Express train departs from that station
  • Zurich Airport (Switzerland). From there train to Chur 1h 15 min of trip and from there to St. Moritz 2h of trip plus the time of connection between trains
  • Web Page Switzerland Raiway
  • Web Page Italian Railway


To Stay:

Kulm Hotel or Badrutt’s Palace. Here you can consult on booking Sank Moritz

Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz

Enjoy the Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz



Meadows, Snow and Mountains in Saint Moritz – Switzerland
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⛵ Falling in Love with Venice from The First Day

Traveling & Falling in Love with Venice from The First Day

Venice is a city where it is impossible not to fall in love. The whole city is charming, its monuments, buildings, streets and canals filled with the Venetian soul. We’re going to tour venice in two.

We know that there is very little time for this amazing city, but we will try it with the most charming and stylish places

We arrived on the night train Thello to the station of Venice santa lucia from Paris. The station is located in front of the Grand Canal. We took a public transport boat that left us in front of the wooden bridge of the Academy (Ponte della Accademia). Just before arriving we went through the Rialto bridge, the most famous in Venice. Luckily the hotel was very close.

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Falling in Love with Venice from The First Day    Rialto Bridge Venice travel two days  

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Guide of Relaxing Hotels for Presidents & Prime Ministers

Luxury Hotels 2018

Welcome Presidents & Prime Ministers. These are places to relax for a few days (hours?). So in a few minutes you can book some of these hotels and enjoy (even if they do not go, just book for the future of this blog)

Relaxation for Presidents & Prime Ministers. Five options to download pressures, lower triglycerides and cholesterol. Decrease blood pressure. You can even recover hair. It also decreases the bank account, but that’s not a problem, just think of the comfy chairs, the lavish views and the luxurious memory foam mattress. It’s a virtue. Let yourself be carried away by some of these places. and if you do not like it, hire others, but do it here! Enjoy the booking!

Mandarin Oriental New York - Guide of Relaxing Hotels for Presidents & Prime Ministers Book Now

Do not forget the accessories, in the hotels they will not sell them!

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Guide of Relaxing Hotels for Presidents & Prime Ministers
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⚓ One day in Oil Windmills Zaanse Schans

Windmills Zaanse Schans – Amsterdam – Holland

There are three options to get to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam (Book Hotels in Amsterdam)  : take bus 391 at the Central Station, the train to Koog-Zaandijk station and from there walk a few minutes to the windmills area or the more comfortable option and the more expensive. Book a tour to Zaanse Schans with a guide that also includes Volendam and Edam. we choose the option of the train

Windmill zaanse schans Holland

Zaanse Schans

We visited three windmills, one of linen oil. A sawmill .Finally one of flour. In this note is the visit to the oil windmill

Zaanse Schans is a town that restored the windmills of a typical Dutch village of the seventeenth century. The operation of the mills is carried out manually as it was done 400 years ago. The entrance of each mill (there are 7) costs approximately 3.50 euros

 Windmill zaanse schans Holland

Cheese factory

In Zaanse Schans we can also find a cheese factory, a clog factory, a museum and souvenir shops. We recommend the manufacture of clogs, since they are manufactured in the public eye and it is a very interesting experience

Windmill zaanse schans Holland

walking through the town

We also recommend walking through the town. There is a panoramic point on a platform, in which you can see the whole town and the mills. Apart from being in contact with nature,

 Channels of Windmill zaanse schans Holland

This walk can be done in half a day and can be combined with others. but for that you have to remorse Amsterdam if you have not hired a tour. (Book Hotels in Amsterdam)

See our channel on you tube

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Windmill zaanse schans Holland

⚓ One day in Oil Windmills Zaanse Schans
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☼ Madrid in Three Days – Third Day

What to do the third day in Madrid?

We can choose between staying in the city to visit a special place that we liked or to visit a nearby city

These are the options


One day in Madrid

  • Museum of Prado – Museo del Prado : For those who like Art, it will take all day. (and more if you prefer)
  • Queen Sofia Museum – Museo Reina Sofia : The same as the previous
  • Retiro Park  and Bullring – Parque del Retiro y Plaza de Toros.  It can include a bicycle ride (they are rented at the park entrance). Then visit the bullring that is very close to the park. ( all day). ( Book Hotels in Madrid)

Near cities


City of Toledo Landscape - One day in madrid

If we decide to see lesta medieval city in a day we can visit the most important monuments, historical buildings and museums that welcomes inside.

It was an important medieval city that is surrounded by a wall. Toledo has a main entrance that is known as the Puerta de Bisagra and another secondary one that is called Puerta del Cristo de la Luz. Through this door the road is crossed to the Puente de Alcántara and the Puente de San Martín.  These are the main attractions

Alcazar of Toledo

Built by the Emperor Charles V on the main hill of the city and facing the Tagus River, the Alcázar de Toledo is an important castle (with an imposing moat) built with the architecture of a palace and at the same time a fortified square. Currently you can visit the Army Museum there. the tickets are bought at the entrance of the castle, € 5 (free Sunday morning).

Alcazar de Toledo - one day in Madrid

Cathedral of Toledo

The Cathedral of Toledo, is a construction of Gothic style and its size is the second largest Cathedral in the country. Its construction began in 1226 under the reign of Ferdinand III (the Saint) and was completed in the fifteenth century when in 1493 the vaults of the central nave were closed in the time of the Catholic Monarchs. The entrance ticket is 12.5 euros and you can buy it yourself

Synagogue of El Transito

The synagogue was built between 1357 and 1363. According to the inscriptions that appear in the building itself, it was built by order of Samuel Ha-Levi, member of the Jewish community. this person was adviser of the Kingdom of Castile during the reign of Pedro I of Castile.  Tickets: € 3 (free Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning) .

gate in City of Toledo Landscape - One day in madrid

Army Museum of Toledo

The Army Museum is located in two different buildings. The Alcázar de Toledo is one and the new one. Both buildings are linked by the remains found in the archaeological excavations carried out for the expansion of the museum. Tickets € 5 (free Sunday morning). 

The building was the protagonist of important historical facts (the War of Succession, the War of Independence, the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939). The Castle was besieged. burned and bombed being partially destroyed. After the civil war began its reconstruction, completed in the early 1980s

How to get from Madrid

  1. By Car AP-41: Madrid-Toledo Toll Motorway
  2. By Car A-42: Toledo motorway
  3. By Train – Atocha Station ( see map)AVE Madrid- Toledo (High Speed ​​Train) In only 25 min. from the Atocha train station



Royal Palace San Lorenzo del Escorial landscape-* One day in Madrid

The Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is a complex that includes a royal palace, a basilica, a pantheon, a library, a school and a monastery. It is located in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 29 miles (48km) from the City of Madrid. It was built between 1563 and 1584 and in the Pantheon there are the tombs of the kings of Spain since 1500. Tickets: € 10

Royal Palace San Lorenzo del Escorial Front-* One day in Madrid

How to get from Madrid

  1. By Car AP6 Madrid- Tordesillas Motorway. Deviation en route A600 destination Escorial
  2. By Train – Atocha Station ( see map) . Local Train ( Tren de Cercanias ) Line C3  direction ESCORIAL  – 65 min
  3. By Tour – Viator


In the city of Aranjuez you can visit The Royal Palace of Aranjuez. This palace is one of the residences of the Spanish Monarchy. It is located in the City of Aranjuez about  30 miles (50 km) from the Community of Madrid. Tickets  9

Front of Royal Palae Of Aranjuez -one day in madrid

Royal Palae Of Aranjuez Rear -one day in madrid

Royal Palae Of Aranjuez Fountain -one day in madrid


How to get from Madrid

  1. By Car AP6 Madrid- Tordesillas Motorway. Deviation en route A600 destination Escorial
  2. By Train – Atocha Station ( see map) . Local Train ( Tren de Cercanias ) Line C3 direction ARANJUEZ   – 70 min

One day in Madrid – End

☼ Madrid in Three Days – Third Day
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☼ Madrid in Three days: Second day

Walking Madrid Second Day

On the second day we started walking along the Main Street – Calle Mayor  (we passed the chocolate shop San Gines for those who have not yet had breakfast) until the Mercado de San Miguel ( see Map). This is one of the oldest markets in Madrid and is awarded as it was in its golden age.

 To Search Hotels, Fligts, Rent a Car, City Tours & Cruises Click Here

Cathedral of Almudena  

At the end of the main street we find the Cathedral of Almudena, which is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Madrid. It began to be built in 1879 and officially ended in 1993. It can be visited every day and it is traveled in approximately one hour

Next to the Almudena Cathedral is the Royal Palace of Madrid. At this time, it is not the residence of the King of Spain, but only acts of protocol. It began to contribute in 1738 and was completed in 1764. It has 3418 rooms and is larger than the Palace of Versailles on the outskirts of Paris –France

Royal Palace of Madrid

In 2016, the Royal Palace received more than 1.4 million visitors, being one of the most visited monuments in Spain. It can be visited with or without a guided tour, every day from October to March: Every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. From April to September: Every day: from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Price  Adults: € 10. (Guided tour € 14). Duration of the visit approx 1 hour.


Plaza de Oriente

Leaving the Royal Palace and crossing the Plaza de Oriente is the sober building of the Royal Theater (Teatro Real) built between 1818 and 1850 and restored in 1991. It is a very interesting building and can be visited with guided tour given time. Next to the Royal Palace you can visit the royal gardens, called Jardines de Sabatini and Jardines de Campo del Moro. this walk can last approximately one hour.


Leaving the Jardines de Sabatini, and walking north along Bailen Street, a few blocks away we reach Plaza España, where the monuments to Cervantes, Don Qujote and Sancho Panza are located


Temple of Debod


 To Search Hotels, Fligts, Rent a Car, City Tours & Cruises Click Here

The Temple of Debod was inaugurated on July 20, 1972 after two years of reconstruction. It was a complicated process since, in addition to not having good plans, in the dismantling and transport some stones were lost. The temple has two floors, in the upper you will find a very interesting model where you will see all the temples that were in the country of Nubia. Admission is free

 If you have some time, a few meters ahead (see map) is located in the Parque del Oeste and is one of the largest rose gardens in Europe. Also in the same park there is a cable car where you can appreciate magnificent views of the city. End  walking Madrid Second day

See more Information

Cathedral of Almudena 

Royal Palace Of Madrid

More Pics


☼ Madrid in Three days: Second day
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► We do a Review of Kindle Oasis Waterproof

kindle Oasis Waterproof

For those who want to enjoy a good book by the pool or while bathing without fear of damaging their eReader, Amazon introduces the new Kindle Oasis. It’s your first waterproof electronic reader.

Tablets and phones are great for basic activities, but they do not offer the best reading quality. The best option for this purpose are e-Readers, which are specially designed for reading e-books. Thin and compact, they can be used for several days on a single charge, and they have non-reflective screens that do not tire the eyes.

Amazon has just launched its new Kindle Oasis waterproof, a 7-inch e-book reader with an excellent design exterior, integrated support for audiobooks, and what is novelty, waterproof.

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Eco de Galicia of Buenos Aires Newspaper

The Eco de Galicia Newspaper

Founded by José María Cao Luaces

Eco de Galicia Newspaper - Founded by Jose Maria Cao Luaces

The Eco de Galicia was founded by José María Cao Luaces on February 7, 1892. This was the newspaper of Galician residents in Argentina since that time and one of the background of the founding of the Galician Center of Buenos Aires.

In one of his articles we can see that he refers to this topic, indicating that in this first issue the Eco de Galicia. There should be an article about what the Galician Center of Buenos Aires should be. But given the inconveniences that occurred at the last meeting , will be left for the next edition.

Eco de Galicia Newspaper number one - Founded by Jose Maria Cao Luaces

The Galician Center of Buenos Aires had its first foundation in 1879. But it was dissolved in 1892, year of appearance of the Eco de Galicia. Its content without ceasing to be Spanish is strongly regionalist, as can be seen in this paragraph of the first issue:

! Ah we must never deny the glorious name symbolized by the Ibero pavilion, but yes. We are willing to argue that if there was any people on earth with the right to be regionalist, to break the political and administrative centralization of the state, that has been the Galician people!. 

Eco de Galicia Newspaper number one Advertising - Founded by Jose Maria Cao Luaces

He also participated in the Orfeón Gallego, as conductor, which was a chorus destined to sustain the Galician customs. In the first issue, the choir participates in an event in the Ship “Nautilus”. As we can see in the smiling anecdote of page 3. It is about the Neapolitan boatmen, who bothered the activities of the choir with their “screams”. imprecations “.

   Eco de Galicia Newspaper number one - Founded by Jose Maria Cao Luaces

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Homemade Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Amazing  Barbecue Baby Ribs Sauce


1 cup/240 mL ketchup
1 cup/240 mL water
1 onion (coarsely chopped)
2 teaspoons ginger
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon cayenne
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon cumin
120 mL apple vinegar
6 cloves garlic (minced)
2 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 lemon (juice and zest)
70 mL sugarHow to Make It
1. In a saucepan heat oil over medium heat. Add onion, garlic, and ginger. Sauté until the onion is translucent.2. Stir in ketchup, water, vinegar, lemon juice and zest, sugar, salt, cumin, paprika and cayenne. Reduce heat to a low simmer and continue cooking for 25 minutes.


Add a few drops of liquid smoke

End Recipe

Recipe Baby Back Ribs With BBQ Sauce

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