Tourism in Cuba at minimum levels

Tourism in Cuba at minimum levels Tourism to Cuba is at minimum levels, reported the Cuban Office of Statistics and Information. During the year 2021, only 6.2% of tourists have arrived compared to 2019, a crisis that sinks the Cuban economy. In 2021 Cuba has received 1.1 million fewer tourists than in 2020. Cuba also maintains flight restrictions for most of the neighboring countries, especially Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the United States, places from which the Cuban community …

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Cuba Less Tourists per Blockade

Cuba less tourists per US blockade

Cuba Cuba less tourists : They expects 20 percent less tourists due to US sanctions. Tourism is an important source of income for Cuba, especially since the decline in cooperation with Venezuela.

Cuba Less Tourists per USA Blockade
La Habana – Cuba Less Tourists per USA Blockade

Initially, Cuba estimated to receive 5 million visitors in 2019, said Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero before Parliament in Havana.But After the most recent blockade measures in Washington, the arrival of only 4 million visitors is estimated. The government of US President Donald Trump restricted last June the trips of citizens of his country to Cuba. He also stopped cruise trips to the communist country.

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