Enovid Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray

Enovid Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray

News Jul 2021

The SaNotize company, founded by an Israeli scientist, concluded its scientific trials to offer the whole world a nasal spray, Israeli company SaNotize concluded its scientific trials to  offer  the whole world  a nasal spray anti covid19This product, which recently began its production in Israel, is surprising by ensuring 99% efficiency in eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease.Gilly Regev, biochemist and co-founder of SaNotize, explained that the spray will be manufactured in Canada and will be named after Enovid. Its main component is nitric oxide, a great ally for this purpose. This is reported by Nadia Cattan for Enlace JudíoIn several interviews for various media, Dr. Regev has commented: “We hope that our nasal spray will save many lives in countries that are still waiting for the vaccine. It will be affordable and can be used for prevention, to protect against a respiratory viral infection ”. Gilly Regev also assured that possible new variants of the coronavirus will not make the spray less effective.
Enovid Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray
Enovid Anti COVID-19 nasal spray

Randomized, Double-Blind – Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2 trial that evaluated 79 confirmed cases of COVID-19, SaNOtize’s early treatment for COVID-19 significantly reduced the level of SARS-CoV-2, including in patients with high viral loads. The average viral log reduction in the first 24 hours was 1.362, which corresponds to a decline of about 95%. Within 72 hours, the viral load dropped by more than 99%.
The majority of these patients had been infected with the UK variant, which is considered a variant of concern. There were no adverse health events recorded in the UK trial, or in over 7,000 self-administered treatments given in earlier Canadian clinical trials.
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This Israeli nasal spray may be great news for young people around the world, those who are still months away from getting their turn for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Israeli Ministry of Health approved its sale, New Zealand did as well and the United Kingdom is expected to continue, with these nations becoming the pioneers in bringing such an innovative product to market.

In parallel, dozens of Israeli laboratories continue to work on the creation of a vaccine against COVID-19 that is applied orally, that is, in capsules or tablets. And it is that as Nadav Kidron, executive director of Oramed Pharmaceuticals affirms: “We have the technology to transform injections into oral medications”.

With this comment we only hope that the oral vaccine against COVID-19 will be a reality in the near future. We would be talking about a lower cost of the drug and an easier application. This would save all the logistical issues that the application of the vaccine is entailing at the moment.

Hand sanitizer equivalent for the nose

Regev called Enovid a “hand sanitizer equivalent for the nose,” and said that it creates a physical barrier in the nasal passages to stop viruses along with a “chemical barrier” of nitric oxide, which is known for its antimicrobial qualities. “The nitric oxide means this is a special spray that doesn’t just block viruses but actually kills them,” she said.

Israel will become the first country where the spray is sold. The Health Ministry has given interim approval for its sale as a medical device suitable for people age 12 and up — meaning it could be used by many who aren’t yet approved for coronavirus vaccines — with packaging stating: “Scientifically tested to kill 99.9% of viruses within 2 minutes.”

Gilly Regev, Nose spray Enovid Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray
Enovid Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray
A bottle of Enovid, a new antiviral nose spray that is being produced in Israel (courtesy of SaNOtize). It has also been approved for sale in New Zealand, and approval is being sought in other countries, including the UK.

Regev said that the factory, in Ness Ziona near Tel Aviv, is working to produce a stock of 200,000 to 500,000 bottles by May. “After this we’re hoping to get to capacity of a million bottles a month,” the Hebrew University graduate said, adding: “I hope this product will bring pride and jobs to Israel.”

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The claim on the packaging is based on testing in labs, during which a range of live viruses, including influenza and SARS-CoV-2, were subjected to the spray. She acknowledged that the experiments took place outside the human body, in test tubes, and do not provide definitive proof of how effective the spray will prove in nasal passages — though she said they are very encouraging.

Separate research, which isn’t referenced on the packaging, has suggested that the spray can lessen the impact of COVID-19 among those who are infected.

SaNOtize and Ashford and St Peter’s

Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey, UK

Last week, SaNOtize and Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey, UK, announced results of clinical trials indicating that the spray could prevent the transmission of COVID-19, shorten its course, and reduce the severity of symptoms and damage in those already infected. The study has been submitted to a leading medical journal for review and publication.

Family members wearing safety gear visit a relative at the coronavirus ward of Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem on February 3, 2021 (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The spray was fully developed by the time the pandemic struck, as it was invented mainly to fight influenza. Its innovation is the dosing procedure for nitric oxide. “It normally comes in gas cylinders and normally gets delivered to hospitals, but we wanted a practical way to deliver it as a liquid antimicrobial and have spent the last 12 years developing this,” said Regev.

Ingredients of the spray mix together when it is administered to form nitric oxide, she said, noting: “All components are used widely in the food industry and have a very strong safety profile.” Each bottle contains a month’s supply for one person to spray twice a day for protection against viruses.

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She said: “Theoretically we could have distributed it a year ago, but we needed to negotiate regulatory approval. That’s the biggest frustration, that we’ve been trying 24/7 for a year to bring it to the market, and it could have saved a lot of lives. I believe it would’ve prevented infections and therefore reduced deaths.”

Update News July 11- 2021.  Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray  – Jerusalem Post

Enovid is an antiviral nasal spray that was developed in Canada and tested in the UK can reduce viral loads in confirmed COVID-19 cases by 95% in 24 hours and 99% in 72 hours,
The Israeli-made spray can be used up to five times a day after coming into contact with viruses. It is suitable for children up to 12 years old and the Ministry of Health approved it in January this year. 

“The spray we developed has been tested not only as a virus blocker that causes Covid-19, but also as a killer,” said Dr. Gili Regev, CEO and founder of Snotize (the company that developed the spray).

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On sale next week.

Since most COVID-19 infections are nasal, SaNOtize believes this is an effective way to reduce the spread and infection of COVID-19. It has been able to suppress the SARS-CoV-2 virus in two minutes, including the Alpha and Gamma variants, according to the statement. It is currently being tested against the Delta variant.

The spray uses nitric oxide as a mechanical and chemical barrier against viral infection in the nose, which is where respiratory diseases like COVID-19 infiltrate the body.

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Conclution? Yes, it is a reality, the pandemic has represented in several aspects a great blow for all humanity, however, the laboratories have worked at forced marches and that has to be valued.

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