Sofitel La Reserva – Argentina

Sofitel La Reserva: Luxury Hotel & Spa

I spent a weekend at the Sofitel La Reserva Cardales, Prov of Buenos Aires Argentina. We chose Sunday and Carnival Monday of February 2018. It was booked with case two months in advance through And the first surprise when arriving. Full hotel.

Sofitel La Reserva: Luxury Hotel & Spa

It is a very large hotel, which includes several pools with hot-cold water and various hydrojet. It has a private lake shared by a country club where you can kayak. It has guided circuits to make bicycles and to walk inside the park of the hotes. Approximate five miles.

We detail step by step:

The Room

With a covered area of ​​100 square meters including a terrace with a lovely view

Sofitel La Reserva: Luxury Hotel & Spa

  Sofitel La Reserva: Cardales Luxury Hotel & Spa

View of The Terrace

Evening view from the terrace of the room

The Staff

Very friendly and correct. Excellent cleaning service. The same for the staff of the swimming pools and the part of the sandy beaches (that is, it has two sandy beaches that overlook the lake)

Swimming Pools

They also have bicycles for a circuit in the internal park. Kayaks There are kayaks to explore the lake. It is done in less than an hour. All a novelty


In the tour of the park and the lake you can see different species of birds. There are ducks and cichlids, but what we loved most were the owls.



The Restaurant

In the hotel there are two restaurants. In one of them (La Butaca) there is a fixed menu or the buffet option, which is highly recommended. The food of first quality. There is also another a la carte gourmet restaurant with an excellent wine cellar


Sandy Beaches

The sandy beaches are small but considering the place where the hotel is, they are quite adequate. The service of the staff in the pools is correct.


Here is a point against. the bowling alleys are in very bad condition. We played twice and the balls made any journey

Sofitel La Reserva , it is a hotel to enjoy in itself and to relax. has different options of a city hotel (keep in mind that it is 38 miles from the city of Buenos Aires Argentina and in the middle of the countryside). It is located very close to a state wildlife reserve, so some of the birds in the reserve are sometimes seen inside the park of the Hotel.

I was able to find out reservs and availabilities on the hotel landing page at

For us it is highly recommended to relax a few days and take a break.

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