► Onyx Boox 67ML Carta 2 – eReader Max & Max2 HDMI

Onyx Boox C67 ML Carta – Max & Max2 eReader HDMI

Onyx Boox has launched a high resolution digital reader or eReader. It is the C 67 ML This model has an e-Ink Letter 2 screen with a resolution of 1148 x 1072 with 300 PPI on the screen. It also has an integrated front light to allow reading in certain special circumstances.

The C6 series is in its third phase or generation. This is the first digital Onyx Boox reader that employs the new Chart 2 display. The device has some striking features such as that dual core Cortex-A9 processor at a clock speed of 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory And expandable internal storage up to 32 GB with micro SD card. It also has a 3.5mm audio plug to listen to audiobooks or even music.

The difference with  models Onyx Boox

ModelMax2 eReaderMax Carta eReader Onyx Boox C67
Screen13.3 ” HDMI13.3 ” HD Flexible6 ”  HD Carta2
Storage32 GB WI FI Bluetooth16 GB WI FI Bluetooth8 GB
Batery4100mAh Pol Li-on4100mAh Pol Li-on3000mAh Pol Li-on
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Onyx Boox C67- Max2 eReader HDMI

Onyx Boox C67 ML Carta Model


  • 6-inch high resolution screen
  • Google Play access to several book stores
  • WiFi connection
  • Play Music
  • Various Image Formats Available


  • Does not have Cloud Storage
  • The battery life is quite limited, especially because of the number of benefits it has
  • It is heavier than a common eReader, 431 g (more than a kindle), so if it is only used to read it is uncomfortable
  • It does not have Integrated Speakers. Onyx Boox C67
  • The resolution is somewhat low by sharing it with the Kobo Aura One
  • Is not the only one that plays music and is more expensive than others in the market
    Main Functions Onyx Boox C67
  • E Ink screen, reading without eyestrain
  • Full-screen touch, reading by a simple tap
  • Mechanical pageturn buttons, managing your Boox freely
  • Pre-installed TTS, good help for foreign language learning
  • Large storage, holding thousands of books
  • Slim and portable, the mobile library in your pocket
  • Android smart reading, extending your reading worl

Android 4.2 OS

Newly developed Android 4.2.2 OS can allow you install morel kinds of reading APPS to extend your reading world. You can purchase, download the books on your BOOX and share and record your opinions of reading the books with others via wireless connectivity.

First Dual-Core Smart Reader

First dual-core smart reader, using cortex A9 1.2G dual-core processor, further enhance the system’s fluency and refresh rate

300DPI HD E-Ink Screen

  • High-resolution Eink Screen, 1448*1072(300DPI)-increased by 62% compared to regular screen; Sharper and clearer display of images and contents
  • 16 gray scale; 180°visual angle ; More whiter background and blacker texts; more smooth refreshment
  • No glare; Easy on eyes; best choice for reading.
    (Only for C67ML Carta2)

Built-in Front Ligth

  • Soft and evenly spread light directly to the display screen , bright but not glaring ;
  • Brightness is adjustable and support turn off the light completely;
  • Any time is suitable for reading, night or day time.
  • (*only for C67ML )

A2 Quick Refresh Mode

  • New A2 refresh mode increases the refresh rate by 200%;
  • Fast pageturn, but no screen flash and less ghost; Perfect for speed reading of text documents

Hight Speed WIFI

  • With Enhancement of WIFI module, open browser, fast connecting speed, you can download books, read online and surf on internet freely and more faster

Full Screen Touch

Full-screen capacitance touch, operating your Boox by a simple tap : quick zoom in/out by 2 fingers , annotation , highlight , scribble , any action at your fingertips , accurate and fast


  • Ultra-slim and light, 8.7mm thick and 187 grams only;
    Slim and portable, a mobile library in your pocket.

Auto Sleeping

  • Auto sleeping/awaking by matching with our official customized cover; Open the cover for auto waking up your Boox and close the cover for auto sleeping of your device; This is convenient and power-saving.

Mechanical Buttons

  • Combination of mechanical pageturn buttons and full screen touch makes it easier to manage your BOOX.
    Back key to exit the current page to the Home page ; Long press back key to open the built-in light directly (only for C67ML), without interrupting the reading suddenly becomes dark.

Unlimited Storage

  • Built-in 4GB storage and expandable MicroSD card up to 32GB allows you to carry as many books as you want; Thousands of books can be stored in one device.

Multi – Format Support

  • Support different kinds of formats without any convert. Including PDF/EPUB/TXT/MOBI/CHM/DJVU/HTML/RTF/FB2/DOC/PDB , audio formats like MP3W/MA, and image format like JPG/BMP/PNG etc.

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