Travel to Corsica the Island of Napoleon

Ajaccio Napoleon’s Hometown Ajaccio is not only the birthplace of Napoleon but also has its own attractions and with great charm. A historic center where you can walk through ancient streets where colorful houses abound. A walls of an ancient town. An ideal place to see all the colors of a late Mediterranean sunset. City located in a bay surrounded by mountains, with a mild and pleasant climate all year round. Ajaccio offers a relaxed lifestyle.  What to see in …

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History Sitemap

Traveling Cook History Sitemap   History of Tourism: Middle Age History of Tourism:  US Coast to Coast 48 hs – 1929 History of Tourism : Ancient Rome and Greece History of Treadwheel Crane of Cathedral of Strassbourg – France Treadwheel Crane of Germany Today History of Treadwheel Crane of Beverly Minster – England Roman Empire  Roads Calculator History of ancient Crane in Roman Empire Roman Empire Spain Festival History Castle of Chenonceau – France History of Power Bank History of U.S. …

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Underwater Military Museum in the Red Sea

Jordan underwater military museum in the Red Sea Jordan inaugurates an underwater military museum To attract travelers who practice diving or snorkeling. 19 military pieces such as tanks, helicopters and troop transports were installed. All these artifacts are among the goods that visitors can observe in the underwater military museum opened on July 24 off the coast of Jordan in the Red Sea. The kingdom hopes that the 19 pieces of unarmed military equipment, located up to 28 meters deep, …

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Eco de Galicia of Buenos Aires Newspaper

The Eco de Galicia Newspaper Founded by José María Cao Luaces The Eco de Galicia was founded by José María Cao Luaces on February 7, 1892. This was the newspaper of Galician residents in Argentina since that time and one of the background of the founding of the Galician Center of Buenos Aires. In one of his articles we can see that he refers to this topic, indicating that in this first issue the Eco de Galicia. There should be …

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Vintage Ads

Vintage Ads in Spanish & English These graphic advertisements appeared in Spanish-language magazines between the 1890s and 1930s.  They refer to different goods and services, some that seem amazing to us.  The ones shown below are Cigarettes, olive oil, chocolates and spirit