Treadwheel Crane Route

Treadwheel Crane Route : Medieval Cranes France  Medieval Treadwheel Crane in Strasbourg’s Cathedral Treadwheel Crane of Mont Saint Michel Cathedral Medieval Treadwheel Crane in Strasbourg’s Cathedral United Kingdom Beverley Minster Medieval Treadwheel Crane Treadwheel crane on Salisbury Cathedral Germany History of Medieval Treadwheel Cranes in Germany Poland Gdansk Harbor Treadwheel Crane Spain Arde Lucus 2020 – Roman Festival in Spain   Roman Empire :Treadwheel Crane Route Evolution of a Crane and Hoist in Ancient Rome     Destinations

Beverley Minster Medieval Treadwheel Crane

Treadwheel Crane in Beverley Minster – England The cranes of wheel (or Treadwheel Cranes) were used by architects and engineers from the times of the Romans. Probably some stopped being used only at the beginning of the 20th century. This is a detail of those that still exist.  Some are original and have a thousand years of antiquity. A few others were rebuilt. All are worth knowing and if possible visit them. The Minster Beverley Minster is an English parish …

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Gdansk Harbor Treadwheel Crane

Gdansk Harbor Treadwheel Crane – Poland Treadwheel Crane: They were the largest cranes in Medieval Europe . Their usual operation for wheel cranes were with two squirrel cages and for two or more operators. Originally from the 15th century, it was built between 1441 and 1444. Today it is one of the most representative emblems of the city of Gdansk. The crane building in Gdansk was built in the Gothic style with steep roofs. The central tower is 31 meters …

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History of the streets of Pompeii

What were the streets of Pompeii like? The streets of Pompeii show us, a little, that wonderful day-to-day life of a Roman city (Ancient Roman Empire). Stepping where so many, thousands of pedestrians before us did, is exciting. And like today, the main avenues were lined with shops and businesses. Movement, traffic, noise, dirt, smells… impregnated the future of a city that nature preserved for our good and knowledge. The first thing that catches our attention when we visit Pompeii …

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History of Ancient Roman Roads

History of Roads on Ancient Roman Roman Roads Today  –   Italy    –  France   –    UK.   –   Spain The history of ancient Roman roads begins with the founding of Rome in 753 BCE. The Romans recognized the importance of building roads for both military and economic purposes. The first roads were simple paths made of dirt and gravel. Over time, the Romans improved their roads by paving them with stones, and later with bricks and concrete. One of …

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