Covid19 – TSA checkpoint travel numbers: 2019-2022

TSA checkpoint travel numbers for: 2022 – 2021 – 2020 – 2019 Air traffic of people in the territories of the United States is recovering steadily. After the big drop in the circulation of people due to Covid19 in March 2020, where it reached historical lows. We’re talking over two million passengers a day on 3/1/2020, a drop on 4/2/2020 of 90,000 passengers. On 8/14/2020, almost 700,000 passengers traveled per day. In the month of May 2021 the average is …

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TSA Medication Rules 2023 – Traveling with Medications and Disabilities

    TSA Medication Guidelines 2023 – Medication on Plane Diabetes  + Insulin + Oxygen + Inhalers + Notification Cards  + Syringes  + TSA Cares  +   Wheelchair Rules. +  Traveling with Disabilities What states require medication to be in prescription bottles when flying? Texas +  Minnesota  +  Florida   +   Georgia   +  New York   TSA disabilities, medical devices & medical conditions rules. Meds USA People with disabilities or medical conditions and who use medical devices should not think of a …

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New York News 2022

New York city about 2022   New York News on Broadway to the opening of classic attractions and other new ones, to a gastronomy that represents all the places in the world to an ecological proposal. A whole world to discover Here are the highlights of the five boroughs that include city classics as well as new hotels, attractions, Broadway plays, restaurants, infrastructure, arts and culture, and neighborhood experiences. The novelties are proposed by NYC & Company, the official New …

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The Artistic Walls of Carcassonne – France

Carcassonne Celebrates UNESCO Anniversary With art Carcassonn -France- is a medieval city in the south of France and has two sites classified by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage: the medieval city, double unice fortress in Europe, and the Canal du Midi.    

Palace of Caserta – Naples – Italy

Origins of the Palace of Caserta 1742-1747 In the year 1734, in the context of the War of the Polish Succession, Carlos de Borbón, third son of Felipe V and his second wife, Isabel Farnesio, conquered the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily, which had been under Austrian rule since the War of Spanish Succession. However, the Treaty of Vienna (1738) stipulated that Naples and Sicily should form a single independent state that could not be under the sovereignty of the …

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