Complete Paris Travel Guide 2020

Paris Travel Guide 2020 : First Day

Paris Travel Guide 2020: Walk in three days and get to know the main sites, included and some recommendations do not waste a minute of time

Arrived to Visit Paris on train to the station of Paris Gare du Nord from London. We took a public transport (Metro).Luckily the hotel was very close.

Before starting, I commented that there is an option for those who do not intend to walk: make a City Tour hop on-hop off, of which you can tour the main points of the city for one or two days. In Paris – France  there are two very good companies: Big Bus and City Sigthseeing

Paris Travel Guide 2020: 3 days 

Arc de Triomphe & Grand Palais

Arc of Triunph Travel Guide 2020

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We will start our route at the Arc de Triomphe (Charles de Gaulle-Etoile metro:  lines 1, 2 and 6). We advise climbing to have a panoramic view of Paris. Once up, you can see the large avenues that start from here dividing the center of Paris, the financial district of La Defense and the famous Eiffel Tower.

From the Arc de Triomf we will walk along the avenue of the Champs Elysees, towards the side of the Place de la Concorde.
Before reaching the end of the Champs Elysees we can see, on the right, the buildings of the Petit Palais and the Grand Palais, which host temporary exhibitions. more places of Paris, On the Place de la Concorde you can see an Obelisk of Egyptian origin. This square is famous for being the place of public executions in the guillotine, during the French Revolution

 Place de la Concorde – Louvre Museum.

Crossing Place de la Concorde, you pass through the Jardines de Tuileries, what remains of the ancient palace of the Tuileries, disappeared during a fire. We drove in a straight line until we reached the Louvre Museum. Here we recommend to those who just want to see the most famous works (La Gioconda, of course) that ask at the counters for a quick guide. This is a brochure that indicates the locations of the 10 most famous works and the fastest and most organized way to see them all in a short time.For those who like more of this type of museums, we remind you that it is open until 9:00 p.m.

Opera Palace & Galeries Lafayette

Opera Paris - Travel Guide 2020
Opera Paris – Galleries Lafayette


And for those who toured the Louvre in two hours you can go out and take the Opera AV in the direction of the Opera Palace in Paris or also called Opera Garnier. You can make guided tours every hour with guides in English. A few blocks away (see map) are the famous Galeries Lafayette: Another reason to walk Paris in three days

galleries lafayette Travel Guide 2020
Galleries Lafayette

Where apart from being able to make purchases of luxury brands you can appreciate the Art Deco dome (see photos).In addition you can access the terrace where we will have another panoramic view of Paris.

Paris Travel Guide 2020: Second day 

Before starting, I commented that there is an option for those who do not intend to walk: make a City Tour hop on-hop off, of which you can tour the main points of the city for one or two days. In Paris there are two very good companiesBig Bus and City Sigthseeing

This is the most anticipated moment. We are going to visit the Eiffel Tower. You can take the subway and get off at the Trocadero station, there are about two blocks. It is advisable to check out the entrance in advance, so as not to make entry rows. otherwise it is possible to make a row of one hour to buy the tickets at the moment. It is convenient to buy the complete entrance, which includes the upper floor with stunning views of the city.

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Eiffel Tower - Paris France
Eiffel Tower – Paris France

Champs Of Mars & Eiffel Tower, Symbol of Paris

After visiting the Eiffel Tower we went through the large gardens of Champ de Mars. Just opposite we can see the building of the Military School, where I study Napoleon. The Avenue de Tourville runs diagonally on the north corner of the military school. We took this avenue a few blocks away and we found two buildings to visit. The army museum Les invalides, where is the tomb of Napoleon and a magnificent church. In this magnificent building Next to Napoleon are the tombs of all his generals. 

 The Museum of the Armee 

Is very large and if it is completed it can take almost half a day.We recommend consulting information before going to know what we are interested in visiting. Another reason to walk Paris in three days

 Leaving these places, you can take several roads (see Map) and you will arrive at the Gardens and Palace of Luxemburgo, a former Royal residence built by Maria de Medici. At present it is the headquarters of the Police of France

 A few meters away is the Pantheon, a historic building that is worth visiting for the building itself and for the works of art inside.
If you still have time left, you can go to the Musée d’Orsay, on the left bank of the Seine

Orsay Museum- Paris France
Orsay Museum- Paris France

Paris Travel Guide 2020: Third day 

Before starting, I commented that there is an option for those who do not intend to walk: make a City Tour hop on-hop off, of which you can tour the main points of the city for one or two days. In Paris there are two very good companies: Big Bus and City Sigthseeing

 Paris France

We will start our third and last day in Paris on the Isle de la Cité, the oldest part of Paris, since that’s where Paris was founded
We recommend starting by visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral. Admission is free and can be visited in just over an hour.


 Paris France - NotreDame
Paris France – NotreDame

The Fire in the The Cathedral of Notre Dame ( 2019)

On April 15, 2019 a large fire destroyed the back of the Cathedral, losing 75% of the roof and the larger dome that ended up collapsing. The cause of the fire was an incident during the restoration itself.

The President of the Nation, Mr. Macron assured that the Cathedral of Notre Dame will be restored. Until today it is not known how long the restorations will take. What is certain that this monument can no longer be visited until its complete restoration

Indispensable: Walk Paris in three days and meet him

The Cathedral of Notre Dame ( Before 2019)

The inside of the cathedral stands out for its luminosity, thanks to the large windows that open on the headboard, the clerestory, and the aisles. The choir space preserves part of the 18th century wooden chairs. It has a typical Baroque decoration, with abundance of carved bas-reliefs. Most of the stained glass windows were placed during the successive restorations that were made since the 19th century.. ( if you like the Cathedral of Notre Dame, see this post : The Treadwheel Crane of Cathedral of Strasbourg)

 The Treasure

The treasure of the Cathedral keeps some relics related to the Passion of Christ: the Crown of thorns, a fragment of the True Cross and one of the nails that served for the crucifixion. These relics were purchased by King Louis IX from the Emperor of Constantinople. On August 19, 1239, the King himself brought the relics to Notre-Dame while a suitable building was built for them, which would be the Sainte Chapelle. During the French Revolution, the relics were taken to the National Library. After the Concordat of 1801, they were handed over to the archbishop of Paris, who deposited them again in the cathedral on August 10, 1806. 

Panteon - Paris Travel Guide 2020
Panteon – Paris Travel Guide

If you want to climb the towers, remember that the ticket offices are on the north side of the cathedral. That can take you more than one or two hours

Paris Travel Guide: Saint Chapelle-Royal Church

Saint Chapelle - Paris Travel Guide 2020
Saint Chapelle – Paris Travel Guide 2020

Then we go down the street Rue de Lutece to the building of La Saint Chapelle, Royal Church built approximately in the thirteenth century. Next door is the Concergerie building, which was a royal palace, storage and prison during the French Revolution. Alli was hosted until his execution by Queen Marie Antoinette.

 After lunch you can take the Metro to the station of Anvers to see the District of Montmartre.

There you can visit the Basilic of Sacre Coeur and the neighborhood itself, around the church. Keep in mind that when you leave the station of Anvers, and walk two blocks, you can take a funicular in luar to climb the stairs to the basilic. End Paris Travel Guide 2020.

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Useful Information Paris Travel Guide 2020- France

How to get to Paris from airports

  • Airport Charles de Gaulle : 

    (CDG) is the most important airport in Paris. The Charles de Gaulle airport has 3 terminals. To move between the different terminals there is a bus that can be used free of charge

  • Cab. The price of a taxi from Charles de Gaulle to the center of Paris is between 60 and 70 US $
  • Train: RER The RER trains on line B connect Charles de Gaulle Airport with the center of Paris in about half an hour. The most important stops in the center of Paris are Gare du Nord (25 minutes), Châtelet-Les-Halles (28 minutes) and Denfert-Rochereau (37 minutes). The frequency of trains is between 10 and 15 minutes. The ticket price from Charles de Gaulle to the center of Paris is € 10 (zones 1-5). Do not forget that this same ticket is used to transfer in the metro free of charge
  • Roissybus: Is a bus that connects the Charles de Gaulle Airport with the Opera Square. The journey time is between 50 and 65 minutes. The cost of the ticket 14 U $ S. The bus provides service between 06:00 and 23:00 with a frequency of between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • Bus : Two urban bus lines connect Paris with Charles de Gaulle:
    • Bus-350: Airport with Gare de l’Est station.
    • Bus-351: Airport with the Nation Plaza. The journey time of both lines is 60 minutes. The frequency is 30 minutes. Hours from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m.
    • Bus-140: night bus (Noctilien) Airport with Gare de l’Est station. Price 10 U $ S
    • Bus-143: night bus (Noctilien) Airport with Gare de l’Est station. Price 10 U $ S
    • Bus Les Cars Air France The Air France company offers several routes to the city center and Orly airport. The price is quite high (17 euros) and not worth it.

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  • Airport Orly (ORY) :

    Is the second most important airport in Paris Orly Airport has two terminals: South and West. Between the two terminals can be moved in a robotic train

  • Cab : The price of a taxi from Orly Airport to the center of Paris is between 90 and 100 USD.
  • Train RER C + Bus:  Orly Airport is connected to the Pont de Rungis station by the “Paris par le train” bus. In this station it is possible to take the RER line C to get to the center. Travel time is about 40 minutes. The ticket costs about US $ 9
  • Train RER B + Orlyval : The Orlyval train connects Orly Airport with the Antony RER station, where it stops for line B. Travel time is about 42 minutes. The ticket costs about US $ 15
  • Orlybus:  The Orlybus bus connects Orly with the Denfert-Rochereau station, in Montparnasse. In this station it is possible to take the RER line B and the metro lines 4 and 6. Travel time is about 25 minutes. The ticket costs about US $ 9
  • Bus:  Two urban bus lines that connect Orly with Paris. The ticket costs about 3.
    • Line 183: Leave Orly towards Porte de Choisy station (metro line 7 and tram line 3). Time 55 minutes.
    • Line 285: Leave Orly towards the Juvisy RER station and the Louis Aragon metro station (line 7). Time 40 minutes.

Public Transports 

Paris Travel Guide 2020 in three days: Tips

  • Metro: The posters can bear the inscription Métro, Métropolitain or only the letter M. Schedule The Paris Metro timetable is from 5:30 AM to 1:00 AM the following day. On Friday and Saturday nights, the subway closes one hour later, at 2:00 AM. Essential to walk three days in Paris 
  • The New Paris Metro Map
  • RER trains : Are urban trains that complement the metro network The main difference between the RER and the metro is that they are longer range. With the RER it is possible to reach distant points such as the Charles de Gaulle Airport, Disneyland or Versailles.
  • The Paris suburban network has five lines, and they are identified by letters : A, B, C, D and E .:
    • RER-A: Communicate Disneyland Paris with the city center.
    • RER-B: It communicates the Charles de Gaulle Airport with the center of Paris.
    • RER-C: Arrive at the Orly Airport and the Palace of Versailles.
    •       Lines D and E do not have tourist use
  • It is necessary to be informed and see the screens to distinguish those that have stops at all the stations and the express ones. For those who are going to visit the Palace of Versailles should take the RER C in the Saint-Michel station – Notre-Dame. But you should keep in mind that it is an almost circular line. The terminal coughs are in Versailles but the one way journey is 30 minutes. And the other direction almost two hours.
  • Bus: Bus website in Paris: Essential to walk in Paris 


Paris – France has a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. The rains are frequent, with average levels of rainfall, especially in winter The temperature in Paris during the summer months is between 15 (minimum) and 30 degrees Celsius (maximum).

During the winter months, minimum temperatures may be lower than Zero centigrade centigrade and maximum of around 10 centigrade. Snowfall is not usual The best time to visit Paris is between May and September. With good temperature and longer days. In summer it gets dark at 9 PM.


  • New Year 1st of January.
  • Easter Monday: first Monday after Easter.
  • Labor Day: May 1st.
  • Victory Day of 1945: May 8. Celebration of the end of the Second World War.
  • Thursday of the Ascension: Variable date.
  • Monday of Pentecost: Variable date.
  • Day of the Taking of the Bastille: July 14. Beginning of the Revolution.
  • Assumption Day: August 15.
  • Feast of All Saints: November 1.
  • Armistice Day of 1918: November 11. Commemoration of the end of the First World War.
  • Christmas is on the 25th of December.

Travel Insurance

Travelers from countries that are not part of the European Union must purchase a travel seuro of at least 30000 Euros. American Citizens do not need a Visa. The insurance must include transfers and repatriation if necessary.

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