Voyages Extraordinaires of Jules Verne

The Voyages extraordinaires  of Jules Verne Not only can you travel personally, you can also travel without being in the place. Today we do it online through the internet. But 100 years ago it could also be done through literature. His ultimate expression of mind-blowing, fantastic and science-fiction trips was Jules Gabriel Verne. Jules Verne and the United States The United States is widely portrayed in the vernian bibliography: the state of Florida shares the stage with his work From …

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The Huetel Palace (or Chateau Huetel)

The Huetel Palace (Chateau Huetel, Louis XIII Style) The Huetel Palace is one of the most splendid in all of Argentina (25 de mayo county, Buenos Aires Province). Built in the 19th century as a French Chateau in the Louis XllI style.   The Huetel Palace (or Chateau Huetel) was the summer residence of Concepción Unzué de Casares, a person who spent his entire life building urban and rural palaces and churches. All the constructions were luxurious and imposing Huetel Architect …

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Jacques Louis David: Travel to Louvre & The MET

Jacques Louis David: Visit to Louvre & The MET Jacques-Louis David, French painter born in Paris and died in Brussels (1748-1825). He is the painter who best embodies the spirit of neoclassicism and French neoclassicist painting. He was a disciple of Vien, entered the Royal Academy and got in 1774, the pension of Rome, where he remained five years. Returned to Paris and was admitted as a number scholar in 1783. Since 1789 he took an active part in the …

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