Guide of Relaxing Hotels for Presidents & Prime Ministers

Luxury Hotels 2020 Welcome Presidents & Prime Ministers. These are places to relax for a few days (hours?). So in a few minutes you can book some of these hotels and enjoy (even if they do not go, just book for the future of this blog) Relaxation for Presidents & Prime Ministers. Five options to download pressures, lower triglycerides and cholesterol. Decrease blood pressure. You can even recover hair. It also decreases the bank account, but that’s not a problem, …

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15 Top Travel Tourist Destinations to Plan a Trip

Top Travel Tourist Destinations to Plan an Amazing Trip Useful tools to save time and money are needed to make a trip. There are online tools to plan a trip. There are complete websites where you can book everything you need. Hotels, cruises, cars, departments, excursions and flights. But we detail them. But there are also others that serve only for one purpose. Booking and Hotels are only for booking accommodation. Hertz and Avis only cars. Tourist buses also have …

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Vintage Ads

Vintage Ads in Spanish & English These graphic advertisements appeared in Spanish-language magazines between the 1890s and 1930s.  They refer to different goods and services, some that seem amazing to us.  The ones shown below are Cigarettes, olive oil, chocolates and spirit