UK: Coronavirus (Covid -19) Home Test Kit may soon be available to order on Amazon

UK: A Coronavirus Home Test Kit (Covid -19) available to order from Amazon, coming soon

Sharon Peacock, director of the National Infection Service at Public Health England, told the UK parliament on Wednesday that the group had developed fingerstick tests that establish whether anyone has been infected with the Covid-19 virus (Coronavirus)

When tested and implemented, the public will be able to purchase the tests through services like Amazon and also at street pharmacies, Peacock said.

NHS UK: Coronavirus (Covid -19) Home Test Kit - Amazon
NHS UK: Coronavirus (Covid -19) Home Test Kit

Users will perform the puncture test and then send the sample to a laboratory for further analysis.

Initially it would allow key NHS workers to return to work if the test comes back negative as they would have developed immunity to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). It was also confirmed that they would be available to the general population soon after.

Coronavirus Home Test Kit (Covid -19) & NHS Staff

NHS staff will be first in line for a new coronavirus testing program (COVID-19) that is being developed in collaboration with government and industry.

The government is working with industry and universities to significantly expand the tests.

A partnership has been made with Thermo Fisher Scientific, Amazon, Boots, Royal Mail and Randox, along with the Wellcome Trust and leading UK universities to increase testing capacity for front-line NHS staff.

GOV.UK: Coronavirus Home Test Kit (Covid -19) News
GOV.UK: Coronavirus Home Test Kit (Covid -19) News

Universities, research institutes and companies in Great Britain are lending their test equipment to 3 new central laboratories to be installed during the crisis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Randox, which make the equipment, provide extensive logistical and technical support.

The first laboratory is now in the validation process, which is expected for the next few days. Once approval is granted, it is expected to go online initially on a fairly small scale, and process the samples. Amazon and Royal Mail will help with logistics.

Thereafter, it will be expanded every week, and another 2 central laboratories will be available with the appropriate equipment. Work is also underway to obtain more kits needed to sample people, of which there is a global shortage.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: We want to save lives, protect the most vulnerable, and ease the pressure on our NHS.


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