Trekking & Hiking Gear 2020

Trekking & Hiking 2020 Backpacks

You should always choose a backpack that is as light as possible, suitable for the type of route to be practiced, precisely sized and adapted to the needs of space, especially waterproof, including zippers. It must be adjustable at the waist and chest. Important: It must be taken into account that the weight we can carry is less than a fifth of our normal weight.


Backpack for Trekking & Hiking Gear 2020
Backpack for Trekking & Hiking Gear 2020



We may not use it that day, but it does not hurt to carry a multitool knife. Only those with simple functions are needed: straight blade knife, can opener, punch, saw blade, screwdriver and, if possible, scissors would suffice. If we were camping, we would already have to have one with some other function.


Multitools for Trekking & Hiking Gear 2020
Multitools for Trekking & Hiking Gear 2020

Trekking Poles


Poles are a very important element for walking, especially on terrain that is not extremely smooth. The Hiking poles distribute the weight when we lift the other foot at two different points, which will make us more stable. Aluminum poles with anatomical grip are highly recommended and lightweight, the end of the pole ends in a pointed rubber or metal pieces. The extensible ones with a retractable tip are recommended.




Trekking Poles for Hiking & Trekking Gear 2020
Trekking Poles for Hiking & Trekking Gear 2020

When you go hiking, we never know the exact weather, as it can change easily and it is colder in the morning and at night than during the day.

It is recommended that the clothing be as light as possible, taking into account the weather of the moment, the place and also its changes in the day. Clothing equipment should be layered. The first contact with the skin should be a breathable thermal shirt. Followed by a Technical coat. The third a technical coat jacket if possible waterproof


Hiking Shoes

There is a type of hiking shoe. You must protect your feet from the aggression of the floor, be it stones, mud or sand. You must have comfortable and breathable footwear (it does not accumulate sweat water inside). If possible it should also be waterproof. Important tip: You should never wear shoes on the same day of the hiking route. The most recommended is to use it before to prevent injuries or blisters.


First Aid Kit - Hiking & Trekking &  2020 - 2021

You may slip, get cut with a branch or suffer a mishap on the trail, that's why a small first-aid kit with a few bandages, a mini-bottle of alcohol and another of antiseptic. Cotton, a bandage, and hypoallergenic tape can get us out of most trouble. If you want to be more cautious, you can take an injectable dose of corticosteroids (with medical authorization, of course). This can serve to prevent some allergic shock in case of being allergic and having contact with plants or animals.


Trekking Boots

Trekking boots are different from hiking boots. They are higher, to protect us from sprains and strains. The difference between hiking and trekking occurs in the fact that trekking has the difficulty of climbing and climbing. Often on rocky paths and higher difficulty. It is recommended to use waterproof snow and water boots.


Water Bottles & Purifier

Water is a very important element, since it is recommended that every human being have to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. So before starting the route, you should visualize the map and see if there is any source on the road, although depending on the season, the source may be dry or frozen. That is why you must always carry a canteen or bottle, with at least 1.5 liters of water, and fill it whenever possible. If possible it is also advisable to take a portable water filter


Survival Kit

A portable survival kit is also very useful. It can contain scissors, saws, clips, matches, aluminum blanket and other things. Consult the equipment according to the type of trail you are going to walk


Survival Kit: Trekking & Hiking Gear 2020 - 2021
Survival Kit: Trekking & Hiking Gear 2020 - 2021

Power Bank Water Proof

A Power Bank is essential to keep charging phones and GPS. They can also be used as a flashlight or lighting. A power bank with capacity for at least four smartphone charges must be carried, since the use of GPS and screen consumes the battery in a few hours. We recommend algino with capacity for 30,000 mAh


Waterproof Clothes

A foldable waterproof garment is essential to carry in the backpack in case of rain or snow




Sunglasses serve to protect us from UV rays. In any hiking activity the reflections of the sun abound on water, stones and other elements that harm vision



If we are going to have coverage during the route, the better. It can also be used as a GPS to monitor the path of the trail. Check out the hiking apps and offline maps to enhance your hiking experience. Also check the emergency numbers when starting the trail