Free Checked Baggage Calculator on Line

Free Checked Baggage Calculator on Line – Airlanes & Airports

Checked Baggage Calculator: to avoid problems about the carry luggageย  onย  the cabin or hold of the plane, you must have the correct information. That weight, quantity, volume, special luggage, pets, musical instruments and other difficult questions to answer, are in one place:


Free Checked Baggage Calculator on Line
Free Checked Baggage Calculator on Line

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There is a site that allows you to enter the airline through which you travel, the class, and informs you of the allowable franchise. It is the site.ย If it does not work with the name of the airline, you must enter two-letter IATA code. Ex: United UA, American AA, Delta DL, Tam JJ, etc. See TSA Liquids Rules 2023



  • Departure – Airport
  • Destination – Airport
  • Airline
  • Ticket Date
  • Cabin – Loyalty Status (Gold, Platinum, Ruby)
  • Number of Travelers (adults – child – military etc)
  • Bags Quantity – Weigth – Size



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Weigh the luggage yourself

Buy a hand scale Today there are mini hand scales (electronic or mechanical) on the market that are very practical to know how much your bags weigh before leaving for the airport

Keep in mind that not all scales weigh the same, they can have up to 1 pound of margin of error. But at least to get an idea of what they are carrying and redistribute if necessary. See TSA Medical Rules 20223

Checked Baggage Calculator on Line 2020
Checked Baggage Calculator on Line 2020


Travel Tips

Always check the franchise allowed by the airline where they are going to fly, either by hand and to dispatch. Do the research online, do not rely on third party information

You are responsible for your own trip. Of the documentation they have to carry, of knowing when they have the travel date, of carrying the allowed luggage
And if they carry extra weight luggage, be aware that they have to pay. Do not exhaust the patience of airline employees who only follow procedures. See TSA Precheck 2023

Samsonite Checked Baggage Calculator on Line 2020


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