► We do a Review of Kindle Oasis Waterproof

We do a review of kindle Oasis Waterproof

For those who want to enjoy a good book by the pool or while bathing without fear of damaging their eReader, Amazon introduces the new Kindle Oasis. It’s your first waterproof electronic reader.

Tablets and phones are great for basic activities, but they do not offer the best reading quality. The best option for this purpose are e-Readers, which are specially designed for reading e-books. Thin and compact, they can be used for several days on a single charge, and they have non-reflective screens that do not tire the eyes.

Amazon has just launched its new Kindle Oasis waterproof, a 7-inch e-book reader with an excellent design exterior, integrated support for audiobooks, and what is novelty, waterproof.

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► Kobo Aura One Review

Kobo Aura One


It is an IP68 waterproof ebook reader. Which unlike the Kindle has a larger screen and also has water resistance

The Canadian company Rakuten Kobo Inc. founded in 2009 designed an e-book reader something larger than the existing one as standard in the market. We are talking about the 6-inch screens we have become accustomed to.

It has an internal memory of 8 Gb and 512 Mb of RAM


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