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Windmills Zaanse Schans – Amsterdam – Holland

There are three options to get to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam take bus 391 at the Central Station, the train to Koog-Zaandijk station and from there walk a few minutes to the windmills area or the more comfortable option and the more expensive. Book a tour to Zaanse Schans with a guide that also includes Volendam and Edamwe choose the option of the train

Windmill zaanse schans Holland

Zaanse Schans

We visited three windmills, one of linen oil. A sawmill .Finally one of flour. In this note is the visit to the oil windmill

Zaanse Schans is a town that restored the windmills of a typical Dutch village of the seventeenth century. The operation of the mills is carried out manually as it was done 400 years ago. The entrance of each mill (there are 7) costs approximately 3.50 euros

 Windmill zaanse schans Holland

Cheese factory

In Zaanse Schans we can also find a cheese factory, a clog factory, a museum and souvenir shops. We recommend the manufacture of clogs, since they are manufactured in the public eye and it is a very interesting experience

Windmill zaanse schans Holland

Walking through the town

We also recommend walking through the town. There is a panoramic point on a platform, in which you can see the whole town and the mills. Apart from being in contact with nature,

 Channels of Windmill zaanse schans Holland

This walk can be done in half a day and can be combined with others. but for that you have to remorse Amsterdam if you have not hired a tour. 

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Windmill zaanse schans Holland

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