The Beautiful Works of an Ancient Oil Windmill

Oil Windmill in Zaanse Schans Netherlands Zaanse Schans  is a neighbourhood of Zaandam, near Zaandijk, Netherlands. It has a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses. From 1961 to 1974 old buildings from all over the Zaanstreek were relocated using lowboy trailers to the area. The Zaans Museum, established in 1994, is located in the Zaanse Schans. The Zaanse Schans is one of the popular tourist attractions of the Netherlands and an anchor point of ERIH, the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The neighbourhood attracted approximately 1.6 million visitors in 2014. …

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Windmills Zaanse Schans Historic Park – Netherland

Windmills Zaanse Schans Historic Park – Amsterdam  There are three options to get to Zaanse Schans Historic Park from Amsterdam take bus 391 at the Central Station, the train to Koog-Zaandijk station and from there walk a few minutes to the windmills area or the more comfortable option and the more expensive. Book a tour to Zaanse Schans with a guide that also includes Volendam and Edam. we choose the option of the train Zaanse Schans We visited three windmills, one of …

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