History of Sex in Ancient Rome

History of Sex in Ancient Rome & Pompeii

That the woman placed herself on top of the man during the sexual act was very frowned upon in Ancient Rome as it was considered that this active position, that is, the woman riding (equitant), was humiliating for her male partner. It was a position typical of prostitutes, who charged more for it. Up to double the price of a normal service, in the rate applied in Pompeii, given its unusual nature.

History of Sex in Ancient Rome
History of Sex in Ancient Rome

The woman on all fours, looking at Capua, was acceptable, because like the old peasant society, the Roman one greatly respected the natural world and animals and that position seemed to favor fertility. The Romans valued the buttocks, a preferred area of attraction, more than the breasts. Large breasts were mocked. she used the adjective mastale, that is, busty. The Romans of that time, in bed or in the triclinium, manifested great repugnance towards oral sex (irrumare), and especially cunnilingus, which paradoxically is such a Latin word (from cunnus, vulva, and lingere, to lick).

Large penises in ancient Rome

Large penises refer to luck. They banged on the walls, used lamps and even gave slaves with big penises to matrons as a symbol of fertility and luck.It was common to associate the penis with the pilum, the spear, and other weapons.

Daily LifeSculpture Roman Daily LifeSculpture in the RoundErotica Stone House of the Vettii Italy Sculpture of a man with erect phallus Imperial Campania 11.EROT.003.003.001 Mulas, Eros in Antiquity, p. 87 Pompeii 009570 Statue

How did the ancient Romans have sex?

The concept of sex in ancient Rome was conditioned by hierarchy and power, and not only by gender. In general, almost everything was admissible as long as the man and the active part of the relationship, with women and with other inferior men (gladiators, actors of both sexes), always penetrating the other. The vir, the man of virtue, the Roman patrician, was literally impenetrable. Nero characterized his male lovers as girls to make things clear about who would be the submissive party.


History of Sex in Ancient Rome - Pompeii House - Domus
History of Sex in Ancient Rome – Pompeii House – Domus


What was sex with slaves like in ancient Rome?

Slaves were completely subjected to the sexual disposition of the owner at all times, even children. There was a limit towards other citizens. And rape with young men and women from good families or patricians. Adultery was a crime, although the one who always bore the brunt of this was the woman. Killing a woman for adultery was legal.

History of Sex in Ancient Rome
History of Sex in Ancient Rome

What was oral sex like in ancient Rome?

Oral sex was not socially acceptable, because it was seen as humiliating for the person who practiced it (impudicitia); Since the mouth is the place of speech, it was thought to dirty it (Marcial added that it produced bad breath). That’s not to say that it wasn’t done, especially fellatio, but there were few allusions and representations, and even less of the much more reviled cunnilingus. In the graffiti in Pompeii the expression “pussy-eater” (lingitcunnum) is usually found as an insult.

What was anal sex like in ancient Rome?

Anal sex was very reprehensible and humiliating and dishonorable when passive, but, the historian recalls, we have a lot of evidence of it, from the Warren Cup and the Estepa cameo to the explicit poems of Marcial or the priapic inscriptions (“Te Pedico” , I’ll fuck you up, was the god’s war cry).

History of Sex in Ancient Rome
History of Sex in Ancient Rome

Did the ancient Romans know about orgasm?

The ancient Romans were well aware of the female orgasm and the clitoris, called landica, and there are even medical sources that speak of manipulating the organ to eliminate hysteria; He also trimmed it when it was very voluminous, for medical reasons, never religious ones. There were wedding nights of mature men with 12-year-old women. Sex in Rome in the upper classes was more submission than tenderness,

Did the ancient Romans know about orgasm?
Did the ancient Romans know about orgasm?

In general, the sexuality of the Romans reached the point that displays of affection in public were frowned upon. Cato the Elder expelled a certain Manilius from the Senate for kissing his wife in broad daylight in front of his daughter. Plutarch recommended not marrying a woman who said she was in love with you, because passion was not worthy.

Sex in Rome in the 2nd century BC.

Despite the relative tolerance enjoyed by men of the privileged classes, the magistrates of the Republic preached moderation in customs. Not because sex was bad in itself, but because it could distract a citizen from his obligations and encourage him to squander his fortune. Falling in love was senseless and irresponsible.

Venus - History of Sex in Ancient Rome
Venus – History of Sex in Ancient Rome

Venus protected the Romans, yes, but she could also make them lose their minds. It was not advisable to irritate her, but it was better to keep her in line. In the same way that Roman Catholics worship the Virgin Mary under different invocations, in Rome Venus Genetrix was worshiped, a discreet version of the goddess that underlined her maternal character, as an honorable great-great-grandmother of the Romans.

The ancient Romans would be forced to turn to another, much more explosive Venus. Hannibal was responsible for this. In the year 215 BC. C. the Senate, terrified at the idea of dealing with the Carthaginian at the gates of Rome, decided to implore the help of its protector and erected on the Capitol Hill a temple to the powerful Venus Ericina, responsible for unleashed passions and patron of the prostitutes Carthage was defeated, and the goddess Venus conquered the hearts of the Romans forever.



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