Venus Callipyge: The Goddess of the Beautiful Buttocks

    Legend of  Venus Callipyge  +    Aphrodite Callipyge on the World   +    Venus Callipyge Painting   +    Others Venus. +. Priapus Venus Callipyge: The Roman Statue of the Beautiful Buttocks Goddess of the Beautiful Buttocks  It is used to designate the famous statue of Aphrodite known as the Venus Callipyge, currently in the Archaeological Archeological Museum of Naples. It is a Roman copy of a Greek sculpture found,, in the domus áurea of Nero. Then it went …

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History of Tourism: The Grand Tour 17th to 18th century

 The Grand Tour. Educational Journey of the 17th to 18th century What is the role of grand tour in the history of travel and tourism? European grand tour during the 18th century. History of Tourism: Grand Tour & 18th century travel: In the 18th century, young English aristocrats completed their education with a trip through Europe that was very initiatory. In eighteenth-century Britain, nobles played a relevant role in politics and diplomacy. After a long period of convulsions, the country …

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The History of Tourism in Ancient Rome.

Tourism in Ancient Rome: Historic Evolution of Tourism Rome  –  Roman Roads  – Pont du Gard   –  Roman Sex Festivities.  – Roman Roads Calculator This is the first part of an investigation of the History of Tourism. The second part, Tourism in the Middle Ages can be read here Tourism is a series of trips made for pleasure or for commercial, professional or similar reasons, during which the absence of habitual residence is only temporary. History of Classical Tourism in …

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