Saturnia Thermal Bath in Italy

Saturnia Thermal Bath

The Baths of Saturnia are one of the most beautiful in Tuscany. These Thermal Baths are among the best known thermal baths in Tuscany, together with the Bagni San Filippo (south of the Orcia Valley), the Montecatini Thermal baths (west of Pistoia) or Bagno Vignoni (a few kilometers from the San Filippo). Tuscany is one of the regions in the world with the most spas and spas.

Located in the southernmost part of the Tuscan Maremma, the Saturnia Thermal Baths receive every year thousands of people who come to the region practicing wellness tourism or wellness tourism. The sulphurous waters have extraordinary beneficial and therapeutic properties.

Saturnia Thermal Bath
Saturnia Thermal Bath

How to get to the Baths of Saturnia

From the city of Siena you have to take the highway towards Grosseto, take the exit to Roselle, and after Roselle, you should continue towards Saturnia. The hot springs are located a one mile before the town. A sign indicates the spa, and instead of going towards it, they have to turn left, park and go down to the hot springs on foot, which are about a hundred meters away.

Saturnia Thermal Baths in Italy

Then you will see the old mill and the Gorello Falls. It is a large area completely open to the public throughout the year. Sometimes they can be closed due to landslides due to floods, but we hope you can enjoy this magnificent natural site, a pleasure for the senses!

Natural hot springs open to the public

The beauty of the Saturnia Hot Springs lies in its spectacular nature, in its stepped natural pools with small waterfalls, called Cascadas del Molino. There is a large waterfall, all located in a beautiful natural setting. The origin of Saturnia Thermal Bath is a stream, the Gorello, which rises on Mount Amiata, which is an extinct volcano. This volcano is behind Saturnia’s back and dominates the Orcia Valley. This river has a length of one kilometer and runs through a forest covering several pools along its course, to later break into a 4 meter waterfall, and continuing its journey through the Tuscan landscape. It is a pleasure to enjoy a good bath in these white pools (due to the limestone) of steaming waters.

Saturnia Thermal Baths in Italy
Thermal Bath on Saturnia

The so-called Cascate del Mulino are a very special place. Taking a dip in the pools is something unique.
The sulfuric waters are at a constant temperature of 37º, and its flow is abundant throughout the year (800 liters per second), which makes the place an ideal place to enjoy a good bath. In its composition we can find sulfur, sulfate, carbon and alkaline bicarbonate, which make them waters with undoubted therapeutic properties.

The Baths of Saturnia are not overly exploited from the tourist point of view, as well as the Bagni San Filippo, since it is a natural area totally open to the public. There is no entrance fee, but there is no type of installation, no bars, restaurants, parking or lighting. Which contrasts with the luxurious spa that bears the same name: “Termas de Saturnia”, which is a thermal center with a golf course. It has a relaxation area with four pools, waterfalls, Jacuzzi, hot and cold water streams; a spa, a shop.

History and legends of Saturnia Thermal Baths

Legends say that the Baths of Saturnia originated after Saturn’s anger with humans, who threw lightning against Mount Amiata and made sulphurous water emerge. Now far from the legends, throughout history they were highly appreciated by the different peoples that settled in Tuscany. In Etruscan times, its healing virtues were already known. And later, the Romans, from the year 280 AC

Saturnia Thermal Baths in Italy

They also exploited its benefits, creating buildings to exploit the therapeutic virtues of the Saturnia hot springs. In the Middle Ages, the Baths of Saturnia were the source of many legends, due to the vapors, the hot waters and the smell of sulfur. It was believed that the demon came out of hell through the waters of the Baths of Saturnia.

Best time to visit Saturnia Thermal Baths

Despite the lack of bathing facilities open to the public (not counting the thermal center) the Baths of Saturnia have become in recent years one of the favorite destinations of many tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Tuscany. Internationally it is considered one of the best thermal centers in the world. We recommend going in mid or low season so as not to meet too many people and to be able to enjoy the place. In addition, visiting Tuscany in autumn or spring is a good idea, since Tuscan landscapes take on a special color at these times of the year.

For those who flee from the noise of the cities, it is best to come to the Saturnia Thermal Baths in winter, since the influx of public is less and it is a pleasure to bathe cold in those warm waters.

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On the other hand, if you plan your vacation to Tuscany in the summer, it is a good idea to go to the Baths of Saturnia in the late afternoon, as it is too hot. They can also see a magnificent sunset from the pools.

What to see in the surroundings of Saturnia

After spending the day touring the beautiful Tuscan villages and landscapes, vineyards, forests, the famous Tuscan hills, we recommend that you stop for a few hours of relaxation in some of the other hot springs. If you have time, it is best to spend two days in the Saturnia Thermal Baths and visit the towns of Montemerano, Pitigliano and Manciano.

Pitigliano is 18 miles away, it is a walled town of Etruscan origin in which it is advisable to visit the old town, the Orsini castle (which houses the archaeological museum with Etruscan remains) and the aqueduct. Be sure to go to the underground cellars in its historic center, where you can taste a good Tuscan wine.

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Passing through Lake Bolsena that was formed in a volcano crater, you can reach the beautiful city of Orvieto, about 18 miles away, located on top of a volcanic plateau. Visit the old town with the cathedral, with its magnificent portal that is a masterpiece of Italian Gothic. You can also visit the Cave Park, where the ancient underground city is.

Saturnia Thermal Baths Tips

Remember: the sulfur from the Saturnia Baths ruins jewelery, especially silver ones, which remain black, so we advise you to remove them before taking a bath. On the other hand, if you decide to stay to watch the sunset, bring a flashlight, since as we have already said before, there is no lighting or signaling services

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