BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022

BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper   Front Light, Android 10, Fingerprint Recognition, 207dpi, BT 5.0 Digital Paper 4G 64G The 13.3” E Ink tablet that does everything an eReader can do and provides you with powerful features that a tablet can offer. BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022 Boox Max Lumi 2022 – Product Specifications Hardware Screen: 13.3 ” E ink flexible screen with PMMA flat cover-lens Resolution: 2200×1650 Carta (207dpi) Touch: Wacom digitzier with stylus (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) …

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► Onyx Boox 67ML Carta 2 – eReader Max & Max2 HDMI

Onyx Boox C67 ML Carta – Max & Max2 eReader HDMI

Onyx Boox has launched a high resolution digital reader or eReader. It is the C 67 ML This model has an e-Ink Letter 2 screen with a resolution of 1148 x 1072 with 300 PPI on the screen. It also has an integrated front light to allow reading in certain special circumstances.

The C6 series is in its third phase or generation. This is the first digital Onyx Boox reader that employs the new Chart 2 display. The device has some striking features such as that dual core Cortex-A9 processor at a clock speed of 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory And expandable internal storage up to 32 GB with micro SD card. It also has a 3.5mm audio plug to listen to audiobooks or even music.

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