Extreme Hiking – La Mexicana Mine

Extreme Hiking – La Mexicana Mine – Argentina La Mejicana Mine is a gold mine located in Cerro Famatina at 15,100 feet above sea level and 34 km from the city of Famatina in the province of La Rioja, Argentina. To transport the large amount of ore to Chilecito – Argentina, what was at the time one of the largest engineering works in the world was built, a cableway, which was completed in 1905, with a length of 35 km …

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TSA – Transportation Security Administration History

What is the Transport security administration? The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States. It was created as a response to the September 11 attacks under the administration of President George W. Bush, to improve airport security procedures and centralize air travel security under a single federal agency. What is the Transport security administration? Primarily concerned with air …

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Poppie’s, The Best Fish & Chips in London

The best fish & chips in London : Poppie’s The traditional recipe refers to cod battered with flour, egg and beer, accompanied with fried potatoes which are seasoned with salt and vinegar. In London the options to try this dish are endless, but there is a restaurant repeatedly awarded as the best fish and chip restaurant in the United Kingdom. It’s called Poppie’s, in honor of its owner Pat ‘” Pop ”Newland. Pat started working when he was just 11 …

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► What is IP X8 Protection

What is IP X8 Protection

Degree of protection IP

The degree of IP protection refers to the international standard IEC 60528 Degrees of Protection1 frequently used in the technical data of electrical or electronic equipment. Generalized for industrial use as sensors, meters, controllers, electrical boards and of course mobile phones ,tablets and eReaders.

It is a system to classify the different degrees of protection provided to containers that protect the internal components of the equipment.

It is a standard of numerical code and we take the example example:

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BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022

BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper   Front Light, Android 10, Fingerprint Recognition, 207dpi, BT 5.0 Digital Paper 4G 64G The 13.3” E Ink tablet that does everything an eReader can do and provides you with powerful features that a tablet can offer. Boox Max Lumi 2022 – Product Specifications Hardware Screen: 13.3 ” E ink flexible screen with PMMA flat cover-lens Resolution: 2200×1650 Carta (207dpi) Touch: Wacom digitzier with stylus (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch CPU: Updated Octa-core …

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