Blue Ridge Parkway Map Services

Blue Ridge Pakrway Map The Blue Ridge Parkway Map: Picnic Areas – Trails – Cascades – Falls – Visitor Centers – Overlooks – Camping Areas – Blue Ridge Review       Related Post National Park Service Blue Ridge Review Smoky Mountain NP

Railroads in United States – History of Tourism

Railroads in United States Historic  & Scenic Trains  Laid out in 1827 and opened in 1830, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) was the first common freight railroad and the first railroad open to the public in the United States. Initially, the B&O served the Maryland region and gradually extended in the 1830s to Washington, DC, Virginia, and West Virginia along the Ohio River. In the decades following its creation, the B&O grew to cover large swaths of the Northeast …

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Enovid Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray

Enovid Anti COVID-19 Nasal Spray News Jul 2021 The SaNotize company, founded by an Israeli scientist, concluded its scientific trials to offer the whole world a nasal spray, Israeli company SaNotize concluded its scientific trials to  offer  the whole world  a nasal spray anti covid19This product, which recently began its production in Israel, is surprising by ensuring 99% efficiency in eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease.Gilly Regev, biochemist and co-founder of SaNotize, explained that the spray will …

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Real of Eight – Real de a ocho and Global Currency

Piece of Eight – The First Global Currency – Real de a Ocho It was the first global currency that preceded the British gold pound sterling and also the United States dollar. It was widely used and its hegemony in world trade extended for more than 300 years. Americans relied on his model to develop their own dollar, called the Spanish dollar or Spanish pillar dollar. The political protagonism, the historical projection and the prestige of Spain as a great …

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The History of American Railway Travel

American Railway Travel The first commercial use of railroads to transport paying passengers came in 1830, but it was just as well to take a horse-or a horse-drawn conveyance. Stagecoaches could take you nearly anywhere, so railroads remained largely a nov- elty until 1850, by which time there were 9021 miles of rails, mostly in the Northeast.   In the early days, the railroads usually followed the lines of least resistance in laying their tracks. The railroads went by rote …

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