Jacobite Steam Train, The Harry Potter train

The Harry Potter Train – Jacobite Steam Train The Jacobite Steam Train is a steam locomotive train currently operating as a tourist train that covers the Fort William-Mallaig route. This route was inaugurated in 1901 and connects the mountainous area of ​​Fort William with the Atlantic Ocean. In 1967 all steam locomotives were replaced by diesel locomotives. As of 1984 this route returned to work continuously, as a tourist attraction, and the original steam locomotive was recovered.   When does …

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History of the Souvenirs – Gifts

History of  the Souvenirs When traveling, there is always someone who returns home with a souvenir. It can be a miniature, reproductions of sculptures, keychains, postcards or almost anything with the name of the visited site. But:   Who invented the modern souvenir? Giovanni Volpato (1732-1803), an Italian engraver and potter from 18th century Rome, is considered the modern inventor of souvenirs. Giovanni Volpato was a brilliant self-made man, full of initiatives and with great artistic and entrepreneurial gifts. Born …

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Nude Paintings on National Gallery London – Virtual tour


Ancient Nude Paintings on National Gallery London – on line

Ancient Nude Paintings on National Gallery:  In the Baroque era, the classical nude reaches the maximum degree of expressiveness are the Venetian artists of the 16th century. These beekeepers are the ones who mark the climax of the full Renaissance. At this high point we can name great artists from Venice such as Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto. They are the ones who manage to express the main lines of the classic nude, achieving its harmony. It is the exaltation of the form rather than the rigorous of the natural nude. 

The Judgement Of Paris – Peter Paul Rubens 1639

The Judgement Of Paris - Peter Paul Rubens - National Gallery London
Nude Artworks on ETSY

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What was London Like in 1940?

What was London Like in 1940? – London Photos 75 Years Later On the occasion of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of the bombings in London, in WWII, the artist and photographer Jim Dyson Recreation several scenes of the bombings with images of the past and current. These are images to commemorate the 75th anniversary since the Blitz, combining images of wartime destruction. London scenes from 1940 with current scenes to show the damage suffered by …

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Tower Bridge in London. His construction

Tower Bridge: His construction The Tower Bridge in London, England, celebrates the 125th anniversary of its opening. The design was chosen among more than 50 alternative projects, some very extravagant. Known throughout the world for its two Gothic towers under which the bridge opens to let the ships pass. This monument is one of the obligatory points to visit in London, the British Capital. The current design was one of the 50 that tried to give a solution to the …

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