BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022

BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper


Front Light, Android 10, Fingerprint Recognition, 207dpi, BT 5.0 Digital Paper 4G 64G

The 13.3” E Ink tablet that does everything an eReader can do


provides you with powerful features that a tablet can offer.

BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022
BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022

Boox Max Lumi 2022 – Product Specifications


  • Screen: 13.3 ” E ink flexible screen with PMMA flat cover-lens
  • Resolution: 2200×1650 Carta (207dpi)
  • Touch: Wacom digitzier with stylus (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch
  • CPU: Updated Octa-core
  • RAM: 4GB LPDDR4X memory
  • ROM:64 GB (UFS2.1)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) + BT 5.0
  • Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)




  • OS: Android 10.0
  • Documents Formats: PDF(reflowable), PPT,EPUB, TXT, DJVU, HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, MOBI, CHM…
  • Image Formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP
  • Audio Formats: WAV, MP3
  • APP Store: BOOX Store
  • Support DRM(3 party apps)


  • Enable Google Play – Click Settings -> Application -> Enable Google Play, then activate Google Play.
  • Front light with color temperature and brightness modulation helps you read, write and draw at any time.
  • Android 10 OS allows third-party app installation and further improves security, smoothness, and compatibility.
  • Incredible 13.3″ E Ink Mobius flexible display renders a comfortable experience for reading and annotating large-format files.

Second Monitor

You can use an HDMI cable to connect the computer to Max Lumi and view text typing comfortably on a similar-size E Ink monitor to relieve eye strain caused by the blue light.

BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022 - Second Monitor
BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022 – Second Monitor

Wireless Screencast

You can cast Max Lumi to computers running Windows 10. While you’re writing on Max Lumi, the computer will show synchronized strokes and make a vivid presentation.

BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022 -Wireless Screencast
BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022 Wireless Screencast

Cloud Push Screensaver Images

You don’t have to transmit screensaver images with a USB connection anymore. Just visit and send the pictures to your Max Lumi with just a click.

Cloud Push Screensaver Images - BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022
Cloud Push Screensaver Images – BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022

Gallery App

Max Lumi enables you to graffiti and crop pictures in your preferred styles without mobiles. You can also share the edited images with your friends to communicate ideas visually.

Gallery app -BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022
Gallery app -BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper 2022

The first 13.3” E Ink tablet employs the front light with CTM , upgraded octa-core processors and Android 10. Max Lumi provides you with professional reading, note-taking and drawing features ready for smooth, satisfying experiences.

View Clearly and…

Comfortably At Any Time With the adjustable front light, Max Lumi can help you clearly see the content whether you work and study in the misty dawn, dusk or night. And with the illuminated large screen, you can get your tasks done without eyestrain.

Enjoy Fast Speed

And Low Power Consumption: Compared to Max 3, Max Lumi is 30% more responsive and overall 10% more power-efficient. It just takes you seconds to download, transmit and open large documents and few hours to fully charge the battery.

Boox Store
Boox Store

Big. Open. And Smart. Boox Lumi

Android 10 allows you to install various apps and run two applications on one display to double your efficiency. With Max Lumi, you can use versatile tools in the responsive system, and read and write comfortably on the illuminated large 13.3” screen.

A4-Size Screen.

Read and Annotate Anything with Ease: With Max Lumi supporting 20+ file formats, you can read and mark up documents in the most comfortable way. The 13.3” screen can decently display A4-size files, such as PDFs, and save you much scrolling efforts.

BOOX Max Lumi
BOOX Max Lumi

Split View.

Expand the Capability of the 13.3” Display: Upon splitting the big screen, you turn Max Lumi into a robust device that provides a larger space for all kinds of tasks.The translation is displayed against the source text for handy learning and comparison. E-books are shown in a way that can render an immersive reading experience. And you can take more notes to comprehend the content.

Take Notes with Power Tools on Limitless Area

An array of powerful features will help you take organized notes. Move pages within and outside the notepad to organize them quickly. And sync your notes to other devices to achieve seamless workflow.

Create Breathtaking Works on Large Canvas

Do More with A Versatile E Ink Tablet: Max Lumi is equipped with the up-to-date V3.0 firmware, so you can use more awesome features to enhance your work and learn efficiency other than just reading and note-taking.



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