Natural Reserve Canyon of Lumbier – Navarra – Spain

Foz de Lumbier – Canyon in Spain

The Natural Reserve Canyon of Lumbier (Foz de Lumbier) is a canyon formed by the Irati river in Navarra – Spain. It is very close to the mouth of the Aragón river. The force of the water opened a narrow, high gorge of more than a Mile in length between the Rocks of Lumbier.

Natural Reserve Canyon of Lumbier-


There a multitude of birds nest, among which the vultures are the most numerous. Running between almost vertical walls 450 feet to  1200 feet high.

The human being dug a tunnel through which the Pamplona-Sangüesa industrial railroad circulated. That old railway infrastructure has now been converted into the Vía Verde de la Foz. It is a linear trekking and very easy to do 2 miles round trip.

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My Lovely Days in Lisbon

Enjoying Lisbon fron the First Day

I’m going to tell you my lovely days in Lisbon, which was the capital of an empire. All lisboa remembers his glorious padado. Like when sailors came out to discover and conquer lands on the other side of the world.

You see old faded tiles on their facades. Peeling walls and stone streets lined with old trams. No great luxuries or European stores are sought in this city, although they do. What is sought and found is a melancholic beauty, art, imperfection and the charm of the people.

My Lovely Days in Lisbon
My Lovely Days in Lisbon – Tram 28

Portugal is fashionable.

Last year it was awarded for the second time as Europe’s Best Destination in the World Travel Awards (WTA) They are prizes of the world tourism industry. And Lisbon turned out to be the Best City in Europe and the Best Cruise Port.

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9 Accessories for Camping and Outdoor 2019

Practical Camping & Outdoor Accessories in 2019

In this first post about camping and outdoor accessories, the most useful and common ones were selected. If the article you need is not found here, please access it by the nearest category. Enjoy the purchase at

Here are five more useful camping and outdoor accessories for 2019. From microfiber towels, a Small Wine-Beer Portable Cooler, a Collapsible Water Bottle, to a Functional Portable Lightweight Hammock. Also lightweight backpacks also applicable for sports.

Camping & Outdoor Portable Cooler

Wine Beer Portable Cooler. 5+ Hours Cold Drinks. Insulated Slim Travel Cooler. Lightweight

Portable cooler - Accessories for Camping and Outdoor in 2019

Collapsible Water Bottle

Perfect Accessories for Camping & Outdoor | Leak Proof | BPA Free | Food-Grade Silicone – 14oz 

Collapsible Water Bottle - Accessories for Camping and Outdoor in 2019
Collapsible Water Bottle

Travel Microfiber Towel

Fast Drying Super Absorbent Beach Towel – Body Hand Face Towels For Women Men

Travel Microfiber Towel - Accessories for Camping and Outdoor in 2019

Lightweight Backpack Water Resistant

Lightweight Backpack Water Resistant Outdoor Sports Daypack with Rain Cover for Hiking Running Cycling Biking Climbing and Hunting 

Lightweight Backpack Water Resistant - Accessories for Camping and Outdoor in 2019

Accessories for Camping & Outdoor : Hiking Backpack Travel

Hiking Backpack Travel Daypack Waterproof. Backpack Outdoor Sports Daypack with Rain Cover for Climbing, Camping, Mountaineering, Fishing, Traveling, Cycling, or  Skiing. Ideal for outdoor in National Parks

Hiking Backpack Travel- Accessories for Camping and Outdoor in 2019

Mini Water Filtration System

Ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel and emergency preparedness

Accessories for Camping and Outdoor in 2019

Emergency Survival Gear Kit

For Outdoor Adventure Like Hiking, Camping, Travel–Wilderness Survival Kit-Essential EDC Kit Come With A Military Headscarf

Accessories for Camping and Outdoor in 2019 - Emergency Survival Gear Kit-For Outdoor Adventure

Portable Espresso Machine

Wacaco Minipresso GR,  Compatible Ground Coffee, Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated from Piston Action – Travel Gadget 2019 Star!

portable espresso machine - Travel Gadgets 2019

The North Face Mens JacketThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is The-North-face-Jacket.jpg

Enjoy the Accessories for Camping and Outdoor in 2019 at: 

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  2. Yellowstone National Park
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A Glacier at The End of the World

Glacier Laguna Torre – Chalten – Argentina

In the Argentine Patagonia almost at the end of the world, in a town of 300 inhabitants called Chalten, you can visit glaciers in places that have very little human presence. The walk lasts about 6 hours from the village and you have to take everything to camp, since there is no support there.

To move there you have to take a plane to Buenos Aires (about 9 hours), another plane from Buenos Aires to Calafate (three hours more to the south). And finally in a vehicle (about four hours more) until chalten. All an adventure and an authentic Glacier at The End of the World

Amazing Mountain Torre & Laguna Torre Glacier at The End of the World + Add New Category


View of Cerro Torre and Torre Glacier You can not see the birth of the Glacier because it is more than 30 km from this place. Hiking on the glacier is forbidden. There is no presence of park rangers and control authorities. It is a very aggressive and rugged place,

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The Fantastic Canyon of The Verdon

There Was Once a Glacier

A glacier was excavated for thousands of years in the mountain range to a depth of 750 meters. The Verdon Gorge is located west of the city of Nice. It’s one of the biggest gorges in Europe and I think it’s the prettiest. The Great Canyon of the Verdon is located 863 Km from Paris and 110 km from Nice


the discovery the  Gorge of The Verdon:

The Verdon river, which rises in the Maritime Alps, at an altitude of about 2,630 meters, leads to a distance of more than 160 kilometers on the Durance. On its stretch between Castellane and the lake of Sainte-Croix, the thousand-year-old glacier excavated a stretch of some 21 kilometers of canyon. When the glacier fell, one of the largest gorges in Europe appeared, but also a spectacular landscape. In 1997, a national park was also created.

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