Mount Rainier Trails. USA

Mount Rainier Trails

Are you ready to embark on an exciting hiking adventure in the beautiful Mount Rainier, Washington? With its stunning landscapes and diverse trails, Mount Rainier offers hikers of all ages an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, we’ve compiled a list of the top thirty hiking trails for you to explore. So grab your backpack, put on your hiking boots, and let’s hit the trails!

Table of Contents

  1. Paradise Loop:

    • Paradise Loop offers a picturesque hike with alpine meadows and stunning views of Mount Rainier. This scenic trail showcases diverse flora and is ideal for nature enthusiasts.
  2. Skyline Trail:
    • Skyline Trail winds through alpine terrain, revealing breathtaking vistas of mountain peaks and glaciers. A challenging yet rewarding hike, it immerses hikers in the beauty of Mount Rainier National Park.
  3. Naches Peak Loop:
    • Naches Peak Loop provides a spectacular journey around Naches Peak, featuring wildflower meadows and panoramic views. Hikers enjoy a perfect blend of nature and mountain scenery in a moderate hike.
  4. Spray Park:
    • Spray Park offers a lush, subalpine landscape with vibrant wildflowers, waterfalls, and close-up views of Mount Rainier. This challenging trail rewards adventurers with pristine alpine beauty.

  1. Tolmie Peak:
    • Tolmie Peak boasts a captivating trail leading to an iconic fire lookout with stunning views of Eunice Lake and Mount Rainier. The hike combines alpine charm with historical significance.
  2. Burroughs Mountain:
    • Burroughs Mountain offers a high-elevation adventure with breathtaking views of glaciers and surrounding peaks in Mount Rainier National Park. The trail provides a close encounter with the mountain’s alpine environment.
  3. Summerland:
    • The Summerland trail winds through wildflower-filled meadows, showcasing vibrant colors and providing stunning views of Mount Rainier. It’s a scenic route for those seeking natural beauty and alpine landscapes.
  4. Grove of the Patriarchs:
    • The Grove of the Patriarchs trail leads through an ancient forest of towering trees, including massive Douglas firs and cedars. A suspension bridge adds excitement to this serene, family-friendly hike.
  5. Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground:
    • Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground offers a remote and tranquil escape, featuring lush meadows and panoramic views of Mount Rainier. This less-traveled trail provides a peaceful backcountry experience.


  1. Fremont Lookout:

    • The Fremont Lookout trail leads to a historic fire lookout with panoramic views. Hikers enjoy a blend of alpine beauty and a connection to the park’s fire lookout history.
  2. Camp Muir:
    • Camp Muir is a challenging ascent to a high-altitude base camp on Mount Rainier. Trekkers experience alpine terrain, glaciers, and an iconic destination for mountaineers.
  3. Crystal Lakes:
    • Crystal Lakes trail offers a serene journey to two alpine lakes surrounded by mountain views. Hikers encounter wildflowers and pristine landscapes in this moderately challenging hike.
  4. Pinnacle Peak:
    • Pinnacle Peak provides a thrilling ascent to a rocky summit with breathtaking views. This challenging trail rewards hikers with an exhilarating alpine experience.
  5. Comet Falls:
    • Comet Falls trail leads to a stunning waterfall surrounded by lush forest. This moderately challenging hike is known for its scenic beauty and the impressive sight of Comet Falls.
  6. Tolmie Peak Lookout:
    • Tolmie Peak Lookout offers a picturesque trail leading to a historic fire lookout. Hikers are rewarded with stunning views of Eunice Lake and the surrounding mountain landscape.
  7. Owyhigh Lakes:
    • Owyhigh Lakes trail provides a peaceful journey to two alpine lakes surrounded by meadows and mountain views. It’s a moderately challenging hike offering tranquility and natural beauty.
  8. Sunrise Rim:
    • Sunrise Rim offers a scenic loop around the Sunrise area with expansive views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding valleys. It’s a moderate hike with alpine vistas.
  9. Palisades Lakes:
    • Palisades Lakes trail leads to two beautiful lakes nestled in a subalpine basin. Hikers enjoy mountain views and a tranquil alpine setting on this moderately challenging route.
  10. Bench and Snow Lakes:
    • Bench and Snow Lakes trail combines stunning lake views with alpine landscapes. Hikers experience the beauty of these lakes surrounded by mountain peaks.
  11. Grand Park:

    • Grand Park trail offers a wide-open meadow with panoramic views of Mount Rainier. Hikers enjoy wildflowers, expansive vistas, and a relatively easy trek through the park.
  12. Gobblers Knob:
    • Gobblers Knob is a challenging hike to a high-elevation viewpoint offering remarkable views of Mount Rainier. It’s a rewarding trail for experienced hikers seeking alpine adventures.
  13. Mount Fremont Lookout – Mount Rainier Trails:
    • Mount Fremont Lookout trail leads to a historic fire lookout with stunning views of Mount Rainier. Hikers experience alpine terrain and panoramic vistas.
  14. Glacier Basin:
    • Glacier Basin trail offers a scenic hike to a basin surrounded by glaciers and mountain peaks. Hikers encounter wildflowers and breathtaking alpine landscapes.
  15. Grove of the Golden Giants:
    • Grove of the Golden Giants trail explores an old-growth forest with towering trees. It’s a peaceful hike providing a connection to the majestic trees of the Pacific Northwest.
  16. High Rock Lookout:
    • High Rock Lookout trail leads to a historic fire lookout with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Hikers enjoy a combination of forested trails and alpine scenery.
  17. Green Lake:
    • Green Lake trail offers a serene hike to a pristine alpine lake surrounded by mountain views. It’s a moderately challenging trail with opportunities for solitude and natural beauty.
  18. Summerland via Wonderland Trail:
    • Summerland via Wonderland Trail combines the beauty of the Wonderland Trail with the alpine meadows of Summerland. Hikers experience diverse landscapes and stunning views.
  19. Mount Fremont via Wonderland Trail:
    • Mount Fremont via Wonderland Trail provides an opportunity to reach Mount Fremont Lookout through the iconic Wonderland Trail. Hikers encounter varied terrain and breathtaking vistas.
  20. Indian Bar via Wonderland Trail:
    • Indian Bar via Wonderland Trail showcases the scenic Wonderland Trail with a destination at Indian Bar. Hikers experience diverse landscapes, including meadows and river crossings.
  21. Mystic Lake:
    • Mystic Lake trail leads to a secluded alpine lake surrounded by mountain scenery. Hikers enjoy a moderately challenging trek to this tranquil and picturesque destination.