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Useful Information Before Traveling

Consult: US Department State Travel Advisory. It contains useful information and the risks about where you plan to travel. See the full post by clicking here: US Department State Travel Advisory Review

  • Take Normal Precautions: Level 1
  • Take Greater Precautions: Level 2 
  • Reconsider the Trip:           Level 3  
  • Do not Travel:                     Level 4 

Travel.State.Gov - Americans Travel 2021
Travel.State.Gov - mericans Travel 

Check the TSA Rules before traveling

Consult the AAA Travel benefits


List with useful information that you hope to never use

Hosted on the smartphone with cloud backup



Basic Pack for an Airplane Trip

Long plane trips can be very heavy and boring. Therefore, to spend the fastest time and enjoy the journey as much as possible, you need to make a “basic pack” that you will put in the bag or backpack that you carry with you in the cabin of the plane.

  1. eReader with ebooks. The books are heavy and take up a lot of space
  2. Travel guide of the place I am going to visit
  3. Bluetooth headphones. Apart from listening to music, they isolate outside noise
  4. Wet toals
  5. Travel pillow (collapsible)
  6. Brush, toothpaste and other personal hygiene items
  7. Cereal bars or snaks
  8. Water 
  9. Lightweight coat (in the plane there is low temperature)
  10. TWO smartphones (YES:TWO) One for the usual talk on the phone whatsapp and other things. Another with only GPS (MapsME, Google maps etc) Music, Travel guides, reservations. All this that contains the second phone has the first one too. The second is for daily use and the one most exposed to accidents, breakages, wetting or even theft. If you run out of smartphone the trip will get very annoying

eReaders Americans Travel 2020
eReaders Americans Travel 

Prevented Traveler Saves Time and Money

Bring some underwear, T-Shirt, and pants in your hand luggage. It does not have to happen, but the suitcase is lost or does not arrive at the airport, you will feel calmer knowing that you have the basics until you arrive. There is no need to start the trip badly!

Hand luggage only what is necessary

Plan the clothes to wear. Take advantage of each hole in the suitcase and rolled or folded clothes, depending on the type of garment. DO NOT wear linen clothes that wrinkle too much. wear Fast Dry Clothes

Samsonite Underseater
Samsonite Underseater

How to fight Jet Lag

Jet lag can annoy the first days of a trip. Drink a lot of water. Do not drink alcohol or caffeine to avoid dehydration. Try to sleep on the plane. Do not go to sleep when you reach the destination. The first days eat light.

Take out travel insurance

Most credit cards include the basics for travel assistance. If you want to learn more here the main ones.

American Express Travel

These are the main tips you should keep in mind before traveling to Save Yourself troubles, Time and Money.. Enjoy your trip


InfographyAmericans Travel Tips
InfographyAmericans Travel Tips


TSA limit liquids


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