Baby Back Ribs with BBQ Sauce

  Back Ribs with BBQ sauce – BBQ

 This is one of the ways to do what the star dish of the American kitchen. Amazing Ribs with BBQ Sauce.

Baby Back Ribs BBQ


  •  Ribs: ……………………………………… 4.
  • Coarse salt and black pepper: … to taste.
  • Homemade BBQ: abundant ………………. See recipe by clicking here
  • Optional : Whisky – White Wine



For this dish to be a success we have to make the meat very tender inside, melting in the mouth before the first bite, something that the amaricans call “fall-off-the-bone”. But on the other hand the outer side should be crispy and caramelized.

Baby Back Ribs BBQ

This is possible following a few simple steps. Here we go:

Place the Ribs on aluminum foil, salt on both sides with coarse salt and add in a quantity necessary ground black pepper, or if you prefer very spicy, the pepper should be white. A little whiskey is added ( or White Wine)

In the first part of the cooking you should wrap each of the ribs in the foil. Do not let the top layer of aluminum foil stick to the rib, as it can stick during the cooking process.

We introduce the ribs to the oven on moderate heat 320 ° F to 340 ° F. One hour (60 min) should be cooked on each side and once the 2 hours of cooking are finished, the meat will be very tender. The spice will be similar to that of boiled meat, with little color. In fact they have been boiling in BBQ sauce and Whiskey

Baby Back Ribs BBQ

For the last step we open the aluminum paper exposing the upper part. It is important to leave the rid in the aluminum foil forming a tray, since in the lower part are the cooking juices. Put BBQ sauce back on top and introduce it to the kitchen fee again for approximately 15 min. The oven should be at about 420 ° F . After this is turned over, it is repeated to the operation of the other side and another 15 min more.

Repeat this operation of adding BBQ sauce on both sides for 5 more minutes, at about 500 ° F. And they are ready to serve!

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