5 Best Cities for Digital Nomads

List of best Cities for Digital Nomads

Traveling the world without quitting your job. 

They are people who make the world their office. Dream of a whole generation. Work remotely while touring beaches, mountains and distant cities with just one notebook.
But which cities are more and less friendly for this community of digital nomads?

The Nomadlist website prepares this list with the help of its members. There are more than one hundred cities registered but here we only present the first eight

The ranking of the first eight was prepared on August 2, 2019 but changes every day. This is by uploading the data of the members that are done daily

Lisbon – Portugal

Lisbon - Cities for Digital Nomads 2021
Lisbon – Cities for Digital Nomads 2021

  • In short, a website that provides excellent services to the community of Digital Nomads & Remote workers

Canggu – BaliCities for Digital Nomads 2021


  • The concept of the digital nomad is already widespread. Due to technological advances, it is estimated that by 2025 there will be one billion people in the world who could be global digital workers.

Berlin – Germany





  • What does Nomadlist measure? . Well, measure the cost of living in that city. The degree of fun. The type and speed of the internet connection. And not least the degree of local citizen security



Porto – Portugal


Budapest – Hungary

  • Professionals from various fields who have a good Internet connection to get the financial support to finance their traveling adventures. The ideal travel gadgets for digital nomads can be obtained here


Source:  Nomadlist Site

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