Château de Balleroy: A baroque oasis in Normandy

Château de Balleroy: A baroque oasis in Normandy

The Château de Balleroy, located in the idyllic French region of Normandy, stands as an imposing testimony of the baroque style of the 17th century. Built between 1626 and 1636 by the famous architect François Mansart, this castle not only stands out for its architectural magnificence, but also for its rich history and its impeccable “à la française” gardens.


The castle’s façade, built of limestone, is a sublime example of the symmetry and balance characteristic of the Baroque. Its 365 windows, one for each day of the year, give it a harmonious rhythm, while the pilasters and sculpted pediments enhance its majesty. The imposing entrance, flanked by two pavilions, leads to an interior courtyard with arches, creating an atmosphere of grandeur and sophistication.


Inside, the castle houses a series of halls opulently decorated with frescoes, tapestries and period furniture. The hall of honor, with its coffered ceiling and monumental fireplace, is an exceptional example of the luxury and ostentation of the French nobility of the 17th century.


Château de Balleroy was built by Jean de Choisy, a wealthy financier who sought to erect a symbol of his wealth and prestige. After his death, the castle passed through several noble families, including the Dukes of Choiseul and the Princes of Broglie. In 1970, American magnate Malcolm Forbes acquired the castle and undertook a meticulous restoration that returned it to its original splendor.



The “à la française” gardens of the Château de Balleroy are a masterpiece of landscape design. They extend over 50 hectares and are made up of symmetrical flower beds, sculptures, ponds and fountains. The impeccable boxwood hedges, trimmed with pinpoint precision, create a green labyrinth that invites exploration and delight.


Château de Balleroy is an oasis of beauty and harmony in the heart of Normandy. Its baroque architecture, rich history and impeccable gardens make it a must-see destination for lovers of art, history and culture. A trip to this castle is an experience that transports visitors to the golden age of French nobility, allowing them to immerse themselves in a world of luxury, elegance and refinement.