Château du Petit Chêne, Renamed Alexandra Palace Hotel

Château du Petit Chêne, Renamed Alexandra Palace Hotel

Le Petit-Chêne was originally a seigneury. Around 1780 the castle was completely rebuilt and the contractor used a lot of materials from old ruined castles. The east facade had two wings in return with, in front, a large courtyard. The rear facade opened onto a garden with an orangery.

There were several water features and landscaped groves. During the Revolution, the Petit-Chêne was sold as national property and then recovered by the marquis on his return from emigration. In 1843, the castle was completely transformed. The two wings were demolished and the building was brought up to date (Louis XIII style).

The castle has a rectangular main building, with a central pavilion. Two wings in return enclose the east facade, overlooking the courtyard. It is on two levels, more roof spaces. Skylights vary in shape, ranging from the oculus to the undecorated skylight or the pediment and fin skylight.

The rear facade is embellished, in front of the central pavilion, with an hors-d’oeuvre porch forming a terrace on the second level. This porch, half-open on the park, presents a semi-circular projection supported by four round piers with Tuscan capitals. The entablature is decorated with a carved frieze. The south facade also has an hors-d’oeuvre porch. A frieze with vegetal decoration and a staple decorate the entablature. Ionic capitals mark the angles of this porch. The interior retains rooms decorated with woodwork, paintings and fireplaces.

The stairwell is adorned with faux marble and gallant scenes. The park still retains a piece of water in front of the front facade, as well as some elements of its decorative architecture. In niches, sculptures of a mythological nature. Characteristic of the eclecticism of the 19th century, the Petit-Chêne is an example, by the abundance of its decoration, of the penchant of that time for copying the arts of the past.

The 13th century building belonged to the lord of La Bouchetière in Saint-Lin and, over the centuries, it was owned by only three families, who added their own style to this castle

The century-old Château du Petit Chêne is ready to move towards a better future. Converted into the marvelous Alexandra Palace Hotel, this architectural gem has been reborn by embodying the French art of good living

The luxury hotel has a lounge bar, two conference rooms and a gourmet restaurant. It is surrounded by 24 hectares of virgin forests and ponds. It was purchased in 2015 by the Grande Maison Younan Collection. The Château du Petit Chêne was restored to its former glory through renovations approved by the French building authorities.


The property is now a luxurious 5 star hotel. It has 18 exclusive rooms, each with a beautiful 19th century decoration. The rooms have stately chandeliers, period furniture and many gilded details, rose windows, moldings, woodwork and carved stone, bringing the character of the palace to shine again. The property also includes a spectacular 18-hole golf course and 160 acres of wooded parks and lakes.



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