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Feng Shui 2023 on Travel: Tips

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Keep the objective in sight:

Keep the objective in sight: it is a unique experience, but it is not lost on us that it is an expensive objective. A trick to help us achieve objectives: place in front of us, in the place where we work, an image that represents what we want to achieve. Thus, each time we look up from the screen or the work surface, we connect with the goal we aspire to achieve. Thus increases our motivation and focusing energy on it. You can make a photoshop where we see ourselves on a background of one of the places we are going to visit, or of any other place to which they want to go further. This trick can be used not only for travel, but for anything else that is proposed. Feng shui 2023 for horse  

Feng Shui 2022 on Travel
Feng Shui 2023 on Travel - amazon.com

The Star of Travel. 

Star of Travel. The term star in Feng Shui does not refer to a star in the sky, but is used to refer generically to an invisible energy. The stars are the complement of the forms, which are the visible part of Feng Shui . There are several stars that can be related to travel, we will go for the easiest to locate. The North sector of your house houses a star that is related to transport, mobility and travel. Place a water source or a small fish tank in the room or sector of your house that corresponds to the north, to activate the trips.


Feng Shui 2021 on travel lavender oil
Feng Shui 2023 on Travel - lavender oil

For this formula we do not need great precision in location. If you have doubts about which is the north, download an App for smartphone. The north is at the same time the prosperous sector of the year 2021 (until February 3, 2023), so by placing the water in the north, we activate the trips and perhaps generate some extra income to pay for them.

What is Travel Horse in Feng Shui? 

3) The Traveling Horse. The Traveler Horse is not a flesh and blood horse, but refers to a "star" that helps us to travel and be successful in our travels. Look at the following table:

  • If you were born in the year of the Rat, the Dragon or the Monkey, your Traveler Horse is the Tiger.
  • If you were born in the year of the Ox, the Snake or the Rooster, your Traveler Horse is the Pig.
  • If you were born in the year of the Tiger, the Horse or the Dog, your Traveler Horse is the Monkey.
  • If you were born in the year of the Hare (or Rabbit, it is the same), Goat or Pig, your Traveler Horse is the Serpent.

Feng Shui 2022 on Travel
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Reaching the destination from the right direction

Well, this point is only for fans of Feng Shui , Each of us, by his year of birth, has a destination number or Ming Gua. There are two groups of Ming Gua, the East and the West. Guides 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are from the West. Guides 1, 3, 4 and 9 are from the East. For those who are from the east, it is convenient to reach their destination from the east, southeast, north or south. For those who are from the west, it is convenient to arrive from the west, southwest, northwest or northeast. For example, if your number is from the East and you are traveling to China, it is better for you to arrive from the Pacific Ocean side than from the European side.


Feng Shui 2022 Travel Electronic Organizer
Feng Shui 2023 Travel Electronic Organizer

The Hotels - Feng Shui Hotel Room

In Hotels,  don't worry if the bed in the hotel room doesn't seem to have good Feng Shui It is not optimal, but Feng Shui does not work overnight, or in a few days. In the period that we normally spend in a hotel, the conditions of a room, no matter how bad they are from Feng Shui will not affect you.
Hotels are considered places of strong Yin energy and therefore perhaps haunted by occasional ghosts. Before entering the room for the first time, gently knock on the door and ask for permission when entering. Immediately after, enter

Hotel Feng Shui on Travel 2023 - The Hotels - Feng Shui Hotel Room
Hotel Feng Shui on Travel 2023 - Feng Shui Hotel Room

Feng Shui 2023 on Travels

Feng Shui can not only be used to make that dream trip but also during and after the trip itself. We explain you how use the Feng Shui on Travel.
Using money to travel is one of the most pleasurable investments in life because different cultures and places give us a lot of learning. In order to travel, financial possibility must also reach us. Then three fundamental areas must be activated.

Feng Shui on Travel Natural Citrine
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Before the trip

Travel area must be activated with:

  • Photos of the places you want to go or places you would like to return to.
  • Frames of metal portraits, Buddhas or some superior being in whom you confess your dreams.
  • Affirmations: phrases affirming the journey already accomplished, for example I am in France enjoying the Paris night
  • Ceramic containers with semiprecious stones like amethyst that allows dreams to be made
  • Pictures in intense yellow tones that represent the earth area.
  • Metal ornaments or in white, gray, gold and silver colors.
  • The area of ​​the visages and the pleasures is the Northwest
  • A globe or a map showing the place you want to visit. It also serves a tablet or an e-reader with the same information

TSA Approved Feng Shui 2021 Travel
TSA Approved Feng Shui 2023 Travel


feng shui on travel 2922
feng shui on travel 2923

PThe area of ​​money that must be activated with:

  • A plant with round leaves, Dolar green color, preferably Potus or similar. Avoid placing TV or audio equipment in this place. If there are and can not be run, add elements with water, such as vases or fish tanks.
  • Place pictures with flowers, crystal clear waters or spring.
  • Place a picture where you see the place you want to visit and if it is possible that you have water in your image.
  • A glass globe with gold or silver metal can be placed.
  • Paint the wall in green tones, avoid reddish and yellow tones.
  • Never place red candles in the sector.
  • If possible, place a sailboat with a Northwest address. inside place coins and semiprecious stones.
  • The money area is located in the Southwest.

Feng Shui on Travel 2022 - Feng Shui Hotel Room
Feng Shui on Travel 2023 - Feng Shui Hotel Room

The Area of ​​Transcendence is activated with:

Thiareawill help advance any project we have. Empowering us, to do everything we set out to do.

  • Place plants with round leaves. Never point
  • Red candles preferably.
  • Himalayan salt lamps that should be left on.
  • Pictures in red or checkered colors with red flowers.
  • Images of forests and suns.
  • Avoid: images containing water, yellow colors, televisions and water sources.
  • This area corresponds to the North

Feng Shui on travel, can help you make a beautiful vacation and make your trip a positive experience.
The first thing is to believe and feel the dream come true, using the  Feng Shui activating methods that we describe. You also have to work from the mind to achieve the goal with confidence and responsibility.

Feng Shui Travel Spray Bottles
Feng Shui Travel Spray Bottles

Besides activating Feng Shui it will be necessary to take a few minutes every day and mentally program it. All is possible when it starts in the mind, the more you believe it, the easier it will be.


Feng Shui Hotel Room
Feng Shui Hotel Room

We also recommend before embarking on the trip

  • Clean your house before going on a trip, so that when you arrive your space is pure waiting for the renewal energy that you bring.
  • Leave the cupboard full and the fridge with non-perishable food. You will find a house with the energy of abundance.
  • Plants and animals have to be left in the hands of someone who takes care of them lovingly

2 Feng Shui 2023 on Travel: During the trip:

  • Luggage: Carry a small stone with you at all times. It will give you calm and protection against negative energies. It does not need to be precious.
  • If you arrive at the home of a family member or friends, take as a gift a feng shui jade amulet or a leafy plant.
  • In your room you should spray the essence of lavender. If it is possible to light incense or myrrh.
  • Carry a miniature buddha.
  • Carry a Yin Yang Bagua Hanger

Feng Shui Clear Toiletry Bag
Feng Shui Clear Toiletry Bag


feng shui on travel 2022
Feng Shui on Travel 2023

After the trip:

  • After the Feng Shui 2023 on Travel , Enter grateful to your home and happy for good Chi to flood the space, move the energy of the elements. Open the windows, open the taps so the water runs. Turn on the burners in the kitchen. Lighting a salt lamp
  • Unpack the suitcases immediately, this way you will give your home the energy of prosperity and happiness that you have taken on the trip.
  • In order to mobilize the energy, it travels throughout your house in the form of clockwise.

if you do all that you will enjoy your trip and fill you with harmony and positive energies with Feng Shui 2023 on Travel

Feng Shui Bracelets 2023

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