Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour

Chateau & Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour

Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour: If you are in your house in quarantine, waiting for the coronavirus crisis to pass, there are options for virtual trips. In addition to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the Internet there are other options. Google Arts & Culture offers a virtual tour to almost 3000 museums, castles and art galleries around the world. There are many museums and palaces that offer very complete virtual tours. There is no excuse not to travel.

Here we present the Palace of Versailles Google Virtual Tour

Chateau of  Versailles

Versailles became the center of the artistic developments of the Crown, with more budget and a grandiose style that would be imitated in almost all the palaces (including private residences) of Europe that were built after Versailles. 

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Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour - The Hall of Mirrors
Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour – The Hall of Mirrors

In Versailles the original decoration is preserved in the Grands Appartements, where 1671 and 1681 were worked with a richer style than that of the Louvre’s Apollo Gallery. In this style two criteria were used. The one, the walls were covered with velvets, usually green or crimson ornamented with drawings, hanging there paintings by Italian artists. In the other style instead of velvets marble plates of different color were used. 


The halls were decorated according to the relationship with the planets and Greek and Roman mythology. The subjects painted on the ceilings related to the exploits of the monarch, comparing them sometimes with similar episodes that occurred in antiquity. In these cases, the style used in Vaux-le-Vicomte to mix paint and stucco was followed. Versailles is the most representative of the European palaces decor


Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour - Napoleon Paints


Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour - Napoleon Paints
Palace of Versailles  – Napoleon Paints




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