Real of Eight – Real de a ocho and Global Currency

Piece of Eight – The First Global Currency – Real de a Ocho It was the first global currency that preceded the British gold pound sterling and also the United States dollar. It was widely used and its hegemony in world trade extended for more than 300 years. Americans relied on his model to develop their own dollar, called the Spanish dollar or Spanish pillar dollar. The political protagonism, the historical projection and the prestige of Spain as a great …

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Ancient Collectible Coins: Spanish Pillar Dollar

Spanish Pillar Dollar: Influence on American Currencies

A collaboration of Marty Martinez

Spanish Origin of Sign $

The beliefs of the fifteenth century included, among other things, the absolute danger of sailing past the Pillars of Hercules. Thus they were called at that time two promontories located in the Strait of Gibraltar: Mount Calpe to the north (Gibraltar) and the Rock of Abila to the south (Ceuta).

This was the obligatory passage of the mare nostrum (the Mediterranean) to the greater and unknown part of the enormous Atlantic Ocean. And according to the mythology of Antiquity, the colossal Hercules would have written in both columns the lapidary warning. Nec plus ultra “not beyond” (ie: do not trespass).

Spanish Pillar Dollar: Influence on American Currencies - Bank Tennessee 50

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