Overtourism in Komodo – Indonesia

Concern for Overtourism in Komodo

The regional authorities of Indonesia want to return the island of Komodo to the dragons. For this they seek to eliminate mass tourism and evict the inhabitants who have lived side by side with dragons for generations.

Komodo dragons have captivated the world for decades. These giant lizards – the largest in the world, with sharp fangs and venomous bite – are endemic to only a small corner of the Earth, in eastern Indonesia.

Komodo Island
Komodo Island

Komodo, the island where there are real dragonsThe governor of the region, Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat, wants to restrict or close the island to mass tourism. Waves of tourists have gone to see them. They have inspired horror movies. But this human-lizard relationship could be about to change.

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Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia Ancient Silk Road between China and the Mediterranean. The Tian Shan mountains surrounding the old caravan route dominate the country and are home to snow leopards, lynx, horses and sheep, among others.   Kyrgyzstan, country of Central Asia. It is bounded by Kazakhstan on the northwest and north, by China on the east and south, and by Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on the south and west. Most of Kyrgyzstan’s borders run along mountain crests. The capital is Bishkek (known from 1862 to 1926 as Pishpek and from 1926 to 1991 as Frunze). …

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Six Museums not to be Missed in 2021 – MET are reopening!

You can not miss any of these Six Museums 

MET  – Metropolitan Art of New York

We are reopening! : 

The Met  opens August 29. The Met Cloisters opens September 12 – 2020 .. The health is MET top priority.  –  

MET are reopening!
MET are reopening!

Museum Atelier des Lumieres: Paris France

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The Best Pink Sand Beach for Enjoy

The Best Pink Beach in The World Pink Sand: These are the Best Pink Beach found in the World: Spain, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Bahamas & Barbuda. The sand has that color due to the remains of molluscs and marine algae that were deposited during thousands of years on those beaches. Pantai Merah Beach – Komodo, Indonesia In Indonesia, a country that receives more and more tourists, we find this pink sand beach that is on the island of Komodo. This island …

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Beijing – Hong Kong High-Speed Train

Hong Kong High-Speed Train

In 2018, a high-speed train was inaugurated with Beijing as its destination. A 34-mile bridge linking Hong Kong with the mainland was also inaugurated for the first time.

Hong Kong is communicating more and more with mainland China. may survive this independence since becoming independent from Great Britain in 1997

Hong Kong High-Speed Train

But for the inhabitants and tourism, taking a train that connects Hong Kong with more than 30 cities is wonderful.

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