How to do Hiking Safely?

How to do Hiking Safely? Tips. Hiking and trekking are very rewarding activities. In order for the experience to be enjoyed, some basic recommendations must be taken into account. There are many trails where you don’t need to be an expert, perhaps the vast majority. But there are also others instead where the level of difficulty is higher. Whatever the route and the days it involves, it is always necessary to follow some minimum safety rules to fully enjoy it. …

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Binoculars 2021 for Adults

Powerful Binoculars  2021 for Adults What is the difference between a binocular and a telescope? The difference between a binocular and a telescope is that they have a wider field of view and less magnification than the telescope. Light penetrates through the lens and focuses the image seen in our eyes. The prisms allow the image to be seen correctly in our eyes, since it comes from more distant axes. The binocular was first conceived in 1608, when Hans Lippershey …

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America’s Byways – US Scenic Roads 2021

America’s Byways – US Scenic Roads All the scenic and tourist routes compiled by  Federal Highway Administration.  Follow the link of each title for more information. US Scenic Roads for  vacations. A1A Scenic Road & Historic Coastal Byway (Florida) This byway lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway on a narrow barrier island with breath-taking views. This environment supports a variety of wildlife, including 50 endangered species. History aficionados will enjoy touring St. Augustine, the oldest continually-occupied European settlement …

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The Artistic Walls of Carcassonne – France

Carcassonne Celebrates UNESCO Anniversary With art

Carcassonn -France- is a medieval city in the south of France and has two sites classified by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage: the medieval city, double unice fortress in Europe, and the Canal du Midi.

The Swiss artist Ticino Felice Varin ; "eccentric concentric circles" Artistic Walls of Carcassonne
The Swiss artist Ticino Felice Varin ; “eccentric concentric circles”


Main entrance to the medieval walled city. Drawbridge”

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Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park East of the Mississippi River, off the Atlantic coast of Maine, lies Acadia National Park. It is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, in addition to Cadillac Mountain, the highest on the American Atlantic coast. Hiking on the granite peaks or cycling are the most common practices for visitors. In 2019 there were 2.6 million people. Acadia National Park Pics Carriages of Acadia John D. Rockefeller Jr. donated 10,000 acres of land on Mount …

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