What is the Chupinazo? – San Fermin 2019

Pamplona – San Fermin 2019 – Spain

Traveling is to reach a place and travel its streets, its landscapes and its monuments. But traveling to Pamplona – Spain – during the San Fermin festival is a unique experience.

The party begins on July 6 at noon, when the chupinazo (or Txupinazo) is launched from the Balcony of the City Council. An ocean of red handkerchiefs welcomes one of the most popular parties in the world between the 6th and the 14th of July.

Chupinazo - Txupinazo
Chupinazo – Txupinazo

What the hell is the Chupinazo?

It is the firing of a rocket from the City Hall by an authority, and the beginning of the party. But the good is not in this but in what happens in the square.

A lot of crowded people who can not move almost, start uncorking all kinds of drinks. And also to shout and celebrate. Much of the drink ends up in the clothes or on the floor. The crowd moves in waves. There is no place to stoop.

The experience is quite strong. Also for the time it is very hot so this cocktail is completed when from the balconies they throw buckets of water to the public.

San fermin 2019 - Chupinazo - Txupinazo


Tips for surviving a Chupinazo 

  • It can not be accessed with glass containers. You can get drinks like wine or champagne in plastic containers. Apart from this, the police control that it is carried out, for the safety of all.
  • The clothes to wear: White with a red handkerchief.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Keep in mind that in the agglomeration the stomps are the rule.
  • Clothes that are worn will be discarded. Heat, sweat, alcocholicas drinks, buckets of water, food. All that and more will remain in the clothes. It’s a festive but wet climate
  • If you suffer the agglomerations do not even think of going. From noon until 2 PM it is almost suffocating.
  • If you have a camera or smartphone that is waterproof and better IP 69. Otherwise it will be destroyed
  • DO NOT go with children. It’s very dangerous
  • All the things that you want to carry like documents, money, credit cards, car keys, will invariably be lost. If you need to lose something this is the ideal place. If something falls it is lost. There is no possibility of collecting it.
  • Usually there can be some person or with some blows, although normally there are no injured of consideration
  • All people will enjoy and have fun. Respect and be respected

San fermin 2019 - Chupinazo - Txupinazo

San Fermin 2019

Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to Pamplona (Spain) to enjoy the San Fermin festival. It begins with the Txupinazo but in the days that follow there are many activities. The streets are filled with bands of music, people, rocks and all that is paralyzed at the time of  the Encierro (confinement).

San fermin 2019 - Encierro


The Encierro (confinement)

Between the slope of Santo Domingo and the alley that leads to the bullring, this show takes place. It lasts no more than five minutes and the route is half a mile (800 meters). Every day at eight in the morning there is a Encierro

The Encierro (confinement) consists of carrying six bulls that are going to be fought in the afternoon in the bullring. Six bulls or mansos also participate that guide the fighting bulls also to calm them until they reach their destination. The people who run in front of the bulls are experienced people, although novices participate every year


San fermin 2019 - Encierro

Each confinement is different. If it is clean and fast it will last three minutes, intense and showy, enough to observe the exploits of the almost professional runners and the clumsiness of the novices and the imprudence of those who ignore the rules of the race.

For children there are l parties with different activities such as puppets and puppets, also presentations of dances, street theaters and recitals

In the streets there are musical performances for all tastes, street music is constant in different places to sing and dance, with international bands and performers, jazz concerts and modern music.


San fermin 2019 - Encierro
San Fermin 2019 – Encierro

The Party Was Over

The final day is celebrated with many dances and music, the last outing of giants and big heads is performed. Also the last bull run and eighth bullfight. At midnight of July 14 the closing of the party with fireworks is announced in the Town Hall Square.
The audience gathers and taking off the red scarves, they sing the song Pobre de Mí showing the sadness for the end of the best festivals in the world : San Fermin. Do not forget to check the best travel gadgets to enjoy the Chupinazo and the San Fermin Festival


San fermin 2019 - Encierro
During all the holidays you can also rent balconies to witness all the events.

How to get Pamplona – Spain

By Airplane: from any city in the United States or the world, which arrives in Madrid, Capital of Spain (Europe) – then take a local plane to the airport of Pamplona

Iberia one hour ftom Madrid – spain


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Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019

Visita a Palacios Poco Conocidos de Madrid

Ver Versión en Ingles

Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019 : hay una nueva version de esta actividad. Y comienza la inscripción el 11 de marzo de 2019 a las 17 hs Hora  Española. Para nosotros en la costa Este (New York City) serán las 11.00AM y para los que están en la costa Oeste (San Francisco)  serán las 07.00 AM. Son visitas a  palacios que NO están abiertos al público habitualmente por diferentes razones.

Las inscripciones para las visitas guiadas gratuitas a Palacios de Madrid serán por vía web y en las ediciones anteriores se han agotado en solo horas.

Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019 - Palacio del duque de Fernán Núñez
Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019 – 2020 —  Palacio del duque de Fernán Núñez

Es la sexta edición  que tiene vigencia entre abril de 2019 a enero de 2020 y  la organización corresponde a la Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural.

Se pueden acceder a más de 20 palacios que son patrimonio cultural y no se podrán visitar si no es mediante este programa.  También hay opciones aparte de las visitas guiadas como ser conciertos y actuaciones de epoca en vivo.

Toda la información del programa  Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019-2020, lugares, sitios, actividades fechas etc.  se puede consultar aquí en la web oficial.

Reservas en : http://www.bienvenidosapalacio2019.es

Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019 - Palacio del duque de Fernán Núñez-
Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019 – 2020 — Palacio del duque de Fernán Núñez

Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019: Algunos Palacios 2018

  • Palacio del duque de Fernán Núñez (Santa Isabel 44,  Atocha), actualmente sede de la Fundación de Ferrocarriles Españoles.
  • Palacio de Godoy
  • Cuartel General del Ejército de Tierra: Palacio de Buenavista (Barquillo 49, Chueca)
  • Palacio de Viana (Duque de Rivas 1, Tirso de Molina), sede del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores o el
  • Palacio del Marqués de Fontalba sede dela Fiscalía General del Estado.
  • lista completa en la WEB OFICIAL 
Bienvenidos a Palacio 2019 - 2020 -Madrid Palacio Real -
Madrid Palacio Real – se puede visitar todo el año

Palacios a Visitar en 2019

  • Palacio de Buenavista (Cuartel General del Ejército de Tierra),
  • Palacio de D. Javier González-Longoria (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores),
  • Palacio del duque de Fernán Núñez (Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles)
  • Palacio de los duques de Liria y Alba
  • Palacio del duque de Santoña (Cámara de Comercio, Industria de Madrid)
  • Palacio del marqués de Amboage (Residencia del Embajador de Italia)
  • Palacio del marqués de Villafranca (Real Academia de Ingeniería)
  • Palacio del infante don Luis de Borbón
  • Palacio de don Ignacio Bauer (Escuela Superior de Canto)
  • Palacio Laredo (Centro Internacional de Estudios Históricos Cisneros y Museo Cisneriano)
  • Palacio de Zurbano (Ministerio De Fomento).
  • Palacio de los marqueses de Fontalba (Fiscalía General de Estado)
  • Palacete del marqués de Rafal (Residencia del Embajador de Bélgica)
  • Casa-Palacio de don Manuel González-Longoria (Colegio Notarial de Madrid)
  • Palacio de Godoy, (Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales)
  • Palacio de la duquesa de Parcent (Ministerio de Justicia)
  • Palacete de Joaquín Sorolla (Museo Sorolla)
  • Palacio de Parque Florido (Museo Lázaro Galdiano)
  • Palacio del marqués de Villafranca (Real Academia de Ingeniería)
  • Palacio de los marqueses de Argüeso (Embajada de Argentina)
  • Palacio del marqués de Viana (Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación)
  • Palacete de don Guillermo de Osma (Instituto Valencia Don Juan)
  • El Palacio del marqués de Villamejor
  • Palacio de la condesa de Adanero
  • Castillo-Palacio de Aldovea
  • Palacio del marqués de Gaviria.

Madrid Informacion Util

Como viajar de USA a Madrid ( España) 

New York ► Madrid – Barajas Airport

Air France Air France 8 h  Direct 
KLM KLM 8 h  Direct 
Delta Delta 8 h  Direct 
Tap Air Portugal Tap Air Portugal 7 h 55 m Direct 
United United 7 h 50 m Direct 
Lufthansa Lufthansa 7 h 50 m Direct 
Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines 7 h 50 m Direct 

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