Tourism in Cuba at minimum levels

Tourism in Cuba at minimum levels Tourism to Cuba is at minimum levels, reported the Cuban Office of Statistics and Information. During the year 2021, only 6.2% of tourists have arrived compared to 2019, a crisis that sinks the Cuban economy. In 2021 Cuba has received 1.1 million fewer tourists than in 2020. Cuba also maintains flight restrictions for most of the neighboring countries, especially Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the United States, places from which the Cuban community …

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History of Vacations

History of Vacations in USA and the world The annual break from work is a fairly recent phenomenon. Greeks  & Romans The Greeks were the first who saw the need to have rest periods to perform more work and intellectually, but it is the Romans who can be said, invented the Vacations. Although it was a privilege destined for the wealthy classes, many families in the months that their emperors were honored, left their city to go to one of …

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How Many People Travel Vacations? Countries with more travelers

How many people travel vacations?: 10 Countries with more travelers   How Many People Travel Vacations?: The tourism specialist company noted that US employees leave an average of 658 million vacation days unused each year. For this reason I investigate which countries are the ones that use their vacations the most to travel. The 10 Countries with more travelers are classified. We also analyzed where residents in each country prefer to travel. As well as the number of paid vacation days …

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