American Forces Travel Defense 2020

American Forces Travel Reservation Site Review

The Department of Defense has partnered with Priceline®  to manage an exclusive travel reservation site for members of the US military. It can be used by active duty members, veterans and their families. Now they have an online website to find and book trips with discounts.

There Are many for-profit online leisure travel offerings marketed to the military today. But American Forces Travel (AFT) is the only official online program. AFT proceeds will support MWR programs for the military community. AFT provides free access to the site for those who have served their country.This program does NOT replace or in any way relate to Defense Travel Service (DTS)

American Forces Travel Defense 2020
American Forces Travel Defense

A quick eligibility check is only required on the American Forces Travel reservation site to begin accessing savings that can include up to 60% discount on hotel stays.

American Forces Travel Defense


American Force Travel Benefits:


  • Seat selections with partnered airlines
  • Real-time confirmation
  • Insurance available through Allianz
  • Multiple fliers for different searches
  • Frequent flyer miles earned
  • Booking and change fees waived


  • Various discount and payment options
  • Waived cancellation fees
  • Ability to accommodate large groups (great for retiree reunions)
  • Search filters. Instant confirmation
  • Insurance available through Allianz
  • Unmasked hotel pricing

Defense Travel Service (DTS).

Car Rental

  • Prepayment options available for additional savings
  • Search filters friendly
  • Loyalty options available
  • Most major brands worldwide and Most reservations can be cancelled
  • Ability to link flight information with rental
  • Collision insurance available through Allianz


  • AFT member only pricing
  • Waived processing fee.No deposit down
  • Additional military extras such as upgrades, onboard amenities, spa credits or ship gift cards
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • 110% price guarantee
  • Transfer of cruise rewards points

American Forces Travel Defense

Frequent Questions:

  1. Who is the provider that provides this new online leisure travel service and what is the name of this new service?
    ►The provider is Priceline Partner Network (PPN), a division of The name of this new service is American Forces Travel.

  2. How does the validation process work to determine user eligibility?
    ►User eligibility will be validated through the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

  3. If there is a problem with the validation, how does the user resolve it?
    ►The initial online registration process will provide specific instructions and contact information to eligible clients who are denied access          incorrectly.

  4. Will there be a website for everyone to access or will each service have a unique website?
    ►There is a single online MWR leisure travel portal for all users,

  5. Will there be 24/7 travel agent assistance for clients during the reservation process and continuous assistance during the client’s travel process in case of problems with reservations during the trip?
    ►Customer service agents will be available 24/7, both during and after the reservation process.

  6. Will American Forces Travel offer air tickets originating outside the US? UU. Or those who are completely abroad?

  7. Will American Forces Travel be available in all countries?

  8. Does American Forces Travel offer a “best value guaranteed” feature?
    ►PPN offers a “best value guaranteed” policy that is comparable to other suppliers in the industry.

  9. Will travel insurance be offered that covers contingencies of military travel change?Travel
    ►Insurance is available for purchase with Allianz.

  10. Will American Forces Travel be available to book official trips, as an alternative to the Defense Travel Service (DTS)?
    ►This program does NOT replace or in any way relate to Defense Travel Service (DTS).
Defense Travel Service (DTS)
Defense Travel System (DTS)


AFT ; Flights, Cruises, Car Rental, Hotels

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