◙ Evolution of a Crane and Hoist in Ancient Rome

Evolution of a Crane and Hoist in Ancient Rome   The Roman Empire invested a lot of time, effort and money developing new cranes for the construction of their buildings, bridges and especially aqueducts. They took the Greek’s crane as a model and improved it. Tripastos in Ancient Roman Empire In fact, the simplest Roman crane was … Leer más

The History of Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome: Historic Evolution of Tourism Tourism is a series of trips made for pleasure or for commercial, professional or similar reasons, during which the absence of habitual residence is only temporary. Modern tourism was born in the XIX century, as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution, with displacements between distant … Leer más

Tourism in the Middle Ages

The Religious Tourism in the Middle Ages Fall of the Roman Empire Tourism in the Middle Ages: The fall of the Roman Empire plunged the European continent into a period of great confusion and disorder. For a time there was also an almost permanent state of war between the barbarian chiefs, who had invaded the … Leer más

11 eReaders 2019 – 2020

eReaders 2019 – 2020 for all kinds of trips we present  11 eReaders for Traveling  to choose the one that best suits you Kindle Oasis  IPX8 Waterproof Technical characteristics Weight: 194 grams. 7 ”HD E-Ink Letter touchscreen, 1448 x 1072 resolution Touch buttons plus physical page turning buttons Accelerometer Waterproof. NEW: Adjustable color temperature (you can choose between … Leer más

My Lovely Days in Lisbon

Enjoying Lisbon fron the First Day I’m going to tell you my lovely days in Lisbon, which was the capital of an empire. All lisboa remembers his glorious padado. Like when sailors came out to discover and conquer lands on the other side of the world. You see old faded tiles on their facades. Peeling … Leer más

39 Most Useful Travel Gadgets in 2019

The Useful and Practical Travel Gadgets in 2019 Useful Travel Gadgets that make the trip easier 37 most useful travel accessories in 2019: From luggage with tracker to scales to calculate the weight of the bag and adapters for plugs, a guide with objects that every traveler will appreciate at the time of packing. All these … Leer más

Walking Erotic Pompeii: Vettii House

Vettii House: Pompeii – Italy The House of the Vettii in Pompeii, famous for its erotic paintings, can now be visited, although the most surprising environments still remain closed to tourists. Pompeii was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.  The ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum are one of the main tourist attractions … Leer más

Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii

Pompeii was really so obscene? : A little (very little) of History. Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii, we will answer that question.  Pompeii is located in the south of Italy. barely two hours away by train from Rome. The story is quite familiar. The city is located on the slopes of Vesuvius, a … Leer más

Recipe: Cod to the Portuguese

Portuguese Cod With Potatoes Cod is the typical dish of Portugal. It is consumed in many ways and here we present the most traditional recipe. It is consumed throughout Portugal but especially for those who visit Lisbon and Oporto you can not miss it. Directions Two cloves of garlic are peeled and thinly sliced ​​and … Leer más

Roman Empire: Roads Calculator

Roman Empire: Routes & Network on Line Calculator Land and Maritime Stanford University has a calculator of sea and land routes, which existed in the Roman Empire. ( ORBIS) . The calculator has land routes, maritime coast and offshore, used during the Empire. You can calculate the distance and the estimated time according to the … Leer más

Arde Lucus 2019 – Roman Festival in Spain

Ancient Rome Festival in Spain: Arde Lucus 2019:  On June 14, 15 and 16, 2019 Arde Lucus is a festival celebrated in Lugo – Spain. That is celebrated between the end of May and the month of June. Relive the life of the Roman Empire in the old Spanish city of Lugo. This service started … Leer más

Americans on vacation. Where are they going?

Americans on Vacation Preferred Destinations Mexico Canada United Kingdom France Italia The preferred destinations of Americans outside the United States are reduced to five countries. To Mexico especially in the part of the Caribbean, Tulum, Playacar and Cancun. The most chosen European destinations are UK by history and culture. I have it that France and … Leer más

4 Amazing Travel Gadgets

Amazing Travel Gadgets A list of very useful and practical travel accessories in addition to novelty Smartphone Breathalyzer Breathometer plugs directly into the audio headphone jack of Smartphones and transforms it into an intelligent Breathalyzer to assist you in making more informed decisions. Easy to use, open the Breathometer mobile app on your smartphone, plug the … Leer más

Few Places That Hate Tourists – Tourismphobia

Tourists Go Home !! This is a job where information is collected about the problem of tourism impact in some places. In some cities rational precautions are taken: But in others (very few) an alarming syndrome develops. The turismo-phobia.  The turism-phobia. Here is the information that could gather, more personal experiences having personally visited four … Leer más