◙ Collectible Coins: American Revolutionary Coins Countermarked in Philippines

American Revolutionary Coins Countermarked in Philippines  A collaboration of Marty Martinez The circulation of the Philippines at the time of Spanish domination consisted of coin minted in other regions, mainly Potosi, Peru and Mexico, with the same denominations as in the rest of the colonies. From the independence of the American colonies, there was a retraction in the circulating in this zone. For this reason should have appealed to a very curious policy: the reselling of currencies. Potosí, Peru and …

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Voyages Extraordinaires of Jules Verne

The Voyages extraordinaires  of Jules Verne Not only can you travel personally, you can also travel without being in the place. Today we do it online through the internet. But 100 years ago it could also be done through literature. His ultimate expression of mind-blowing, fantastic and science-fiction trips was Jules Gabriel Verne. Jules Verne and the United States The United States is widely portrayed in the vernian bibliography: the state of Florida shares the stage with his work From …

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History & Travel Nature

Traveling & Cook : Whether you want to know where to go, how to get there, the georgeous places to stay or visit, this web contain the best of information for a amazing trip. History & Travel Nature U.S. National Parks Yellowstone National Park History & Travel Nature Amazon Shop   Hiking Reviews How to do Hiking Safely? Glacier Viedma National Park Blue Ridge Parkway TSA Approved Items TSA Approved Items Gettysburg    North Face Store North Face Store on …

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Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery – Milan

Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery is a famous shopping arcade in Milan. Here are some of the most elegant and prestigious shops in the city. Also known as “El Salón Milan”, it is situated between two icons of the city: the Duomo and the Teatro alla Scala. Whether for shopping or just browsing through its famous shop windows, it is a must-see in Milan. Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery Columbia Store Columbia Store on Amazon A little …

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