Hiking on Glacier Viedma – Patagonia Argentina

Hiking on Glacier Viedma  Global Warming The Viedma Glacier is a glacier located in Los Glaciares National Park, in the province of Santa Cruz – Argentina. It is the largest glacier in Argentina. In this post we tell you what you need to know to be able to do the Trekking in the Viedma Glacier, Santa Cruz     The glacier has had retreats although not as important as other glaciers. From the town of El Chaltén you can navigate …

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Global Launch of Piedra Infinita Gravascal Wine 2018

World Launch of Piedra Infinita Gravascal Wine 2018 Bodega Zuccardi – Wine 100 pts Robert Parker – Wine Advocate   Global Launch Dec 2021 The wine will be launched this week in the main cities of the world such as Buenos Aires, São Paulo, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong. This wine was born as a result of the search for the purest expression of identity of Finca Piedra Infinita. Coming from a specific 0.51 hectare plot, …

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Amazing Tourist Trains

Amazing Tourist Trains around the world It is about traveling contemplating the landscape. It is one of the fundamental reasons for choosing a holiday by train. Comfort, landscapes and relaxation are also other reasons to choose a panoramic train. The train allows you to discover places from a different point of view, often inaccessible by road or only accessible by long trekking trails. These are the ones we propose next Glacier Express and Bernina Express – Switzerland   Switzerland has …

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The Statues of Liberty by the Sculptor Bartholdi

The Statues of Liberty by Auguste Bartholdi New York    +     Buenos Aires    +     Paris    +   Bordeaux   +  Washington The Statue of Liberty is that huge bronze statue that dominates the mouth of the Hudson River and is located south of Manhattan. It was a good gift that the French people made in 1886, to the American people to commemorate the Declaration of Independence of the United States of 1776   The First: New York City …

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Camping Gear & Outdoor 2022

Camping  2022 & Outdoor In this first post about camping and outdoor accessories, the most useful and common ones were selected. If the article you need is not found here, please access it by the nearest category. Enjoy the purchase at  Amazon.com Here are five more useful camping and Outdoor Gear in 2022. From microfiber towels, a Small Wine-Beer Portable Cooler, a Collapsible Water Bottle, to a Functional Portable Lightweight Hammock. Also lightweight backpacks also applicable for sports. Camping 2022: First …

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