Medieval Treadwheel Crane in Strasbourg’s Cathedral

Medieval Treadwheel Crane in Cathedral of Strasbourg We visited the Cathedral of Strasbourg  The Cathedral of Strasbourg was the first cathedral of Germany (or Kingdom of Germania). Until the arrival of Louis XIV in 1681 and his minister of the war, the Marquess of Louvois that camped in the environs of Strasbourg and forced their … Leer más

Close The Holy Family For Serious Riots in Barcelona

Close The Holy Family For Riots in Barcelona Today, The Holy Family Cathedral, the main tourist attraction in the city of Barcelona closed due to serious disturbances. In his official twitter account he announces that groups prevent entry to the basilica. The official twitter also informs that the closing of the holy family takes place … Leer más

History of Tourism in Middle Ages

The Religious Tourism in the Middle Ages Fall of the Roman Empire History of Medieval Tourism: The fall of the Roman Empire plunged the European continent into a period of great confusion and disorder. For a time there was also an almost permanent state of war between the barbarian chiefs, who had invaded the ancient … Leer más

History of Medieval Treadwheel Cranes in Germany

Five Medieval Treadwheel Cranes in Germany Today The History of Medieval Treadwheel Cranes in Germany: The treadwheel cranes were used by architects and engineers from the times of the Romans. Probably some stopped being used only at the beginning of the 20th century. This is a detail of those that still exist. Some are original and … Leer más