Travel Gadgets Blood Pressure 2019 -2020

Travel Gadgets Blood Pressure & Fit All these products can be purchased at FITFORT Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure  Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure HR Monitor – 2019 Upgraded Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Color Monitor IP68 Pedometer Calorie Counter for Women Kids Men Monitor Your Blood Pressure – Measure blood pressure all … Leer más

39 Most Useful Travel Gadgets in 2019

The Useful and Practical Travel Gadgets in 2019 Useful Travel Gadgets that make the trip easier 37 most useful travel accessories in 2019: From luggage with tracker to scales to calculate the weight of the bag and adapters for plugs, a guide with objects that every traveler will appreciate at the time of packing. All these … Leer más

Chernobyl Travel Gadgets

Pripyat & Chernobyl Travel Gadgets It has been 33 years since the explosion of reactor No. 4 of Chernobyl but although security measures increased (sarcophagus covering reactor 4), there is still radiation in the surroundings. According to the tour guides, the radiation to which we expose ourselves when visiting Chernobyl is much higher than usual. … Leer más

4 Amazing Travel Gadgets

Amazing Travel Gadgets A list of very useful and practical travel accessories in addition to novelty Smartphone Breathalyzer Breathometer plugs directly into the audio headphone jack of Smartphones and transforms it into an intelligent Breathalyzer to assist you in making more informed decisions. Easy to use, open the Breathometer mobile app on your smartphone, plug the … Leer más

Best Travel Gadgets 2020

Best Travel Gadgets we Recommend These are the best travel gadgets we recommend in 2020 for Travel, Tourism, Business, Family, Camping, outdoor, trekking and sports. They are indexed by categories.      Travel  Luggage – Suitcase – Cameras – Travel belts – Power banks – Photo Camping View all travel Expresso Makers   Trekking & … Leer más

Tourism in the Middle Ages

The Religious Tourism in the Middle Ages Fall of the Roman Empire Tourism in the Middle Ages: The fall of the Roman Empire plunged the European continent into a period of great confusion and disorder. For a time there was also an almost permanent state of war between the barbarian chiefs, who had invaded the … Leer más

11 eReaders 2019 – 2020

eReaders 2019 – 2020 for all kinds of trips we present  11 eReaders for Traveling  to choose the one that best suits you Kindle Oasis  IPX8 Waterproof Technical characteristics Weight: 194 grams. 7 ”HD E-Ink Letter touchscreen, 1448 x 1072 resolution Touch buttons plus physical page turning buttons Accelerometer Waterproof. NEW: Adjustable color temperature (you can choose between … Leer más

8 Best Cities for Digital Nomads & Remote work

List of best Cities for Digital Nomads Traveling the world without quitting your job.  They are people who make the world their office. Dream of a whole generation. Work remotely while touring beaches, mountains and distant cities with just one notebook. But which cities are more and less friendly for this community of digital nomads? … Leer más

5 World Oldest Coffee Shops

Oldest Coffee Shops in The World These Coffee Houses exist today. All are old, some more luxurious than others. Some true works of art. Others have a lot of history. They met writers, politicians, revolutionaries. Conspiracies were forged. Everyone has coffee in common. Having a coffee in these places is sharing it with Dante, Casanova, Dickens, … Leer más

High Line in New York City

High Line Park in Manhattan An elevated railroad out of use has become a recreational park on the West Side in New York. It is known as the High Line, and this area was completely rebuilt. Since its opening in 2009, the city has been integrated with a beautiful tour of Chelsea and the trendy Meatpacking … Leer más

Eat and Drink Safely for Travelers

Eat and Drink Safely for  Travelers – CDC Recommendations These are some recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to consume Eat and Drink Safely for Travelers For more information you can consult directly with the official page that you detail below Unclean food and water can cause travelers diarrhea and other diseases. … Leer más

Beijing – Hong Kong High-Speed Train

Hong Kong High-Speed Train In 2018, a high-speed train was inaugurated with Beijing as its destination. A 34-mile bridge linking Hong Kong with the mainland was also inaugurated for the first time. Hong Kong is communicating more and more with mainland China. may survive this independence since becoming independent from Great Britain in 1997 But … Leer más

Travel Gadget Diabetes Blood Sugar Monitoring

Travel gadget Diabetes Blood Sugar Monitoring – Kit for iPhone All-in-One Glucometer. Dario LC Blood Glucose Monitoring System Includes Glucose Meter, 25 Test Strips – 10 Sterile Lancets – 10 Disposable Covers. Buy in Supported iOS phone: iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, … Leer más