Overtourism in Komodo – Indonesia

Concern for Overtourism in Komodo The regional authorities of Indonesia want to return the island of Komodo to the dragons. For this they seek to eliminate mass tourism and evict the inhabitants who have lived side by side with dragons for generations. Komodo dragons have captivated the world for decades. These giant lizards – the largest in the world, with sharp fangs and venomous bite – are endemic to only a small corner of the Earth, in eastern Indonesia. Komodo, the …

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List of Airlines that Suspend Flights to China

Airlines that Suspend Flights to China Some of the airlines that fly to China began to cancel their flights. In some cases for more than a month, before the advance of the coronavirus, which so far date 02/14/20         Has killed 1,489 people and Has infected another 64,267  throughout the World. (see map online and in real time) Travel agencies and tour operators call for calm, but at the same time advocate suspending or postponing trips to that …

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