New Zealand Volcano Eruption: 19 confirmed dead

New Zealand Volcano Eruption 12-23-2019 – death toll rises to 19  – Police said on Monday that another person died at an Auckland hospital overnight 9-12-2019 : Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says police doing ‘everything they can’: 5 confirmed dead, 20 missing The eruption of the Whakaari volcano left at least five dead and several missing in New Zealand. The country’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, reported that it is estimated that about a hundred people were near the area when the …

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Overtourism in New Zealand – New eTA Tax

Overtourism in New Zealand – New eTA Tax (IVL) The Government of New Zealand announced that from July 1, 2019 a tourist tax is charged between 25 to 35 local dollars (from 17.4 to 24.4 dollars or 15 to 21 euros). This is due to the over-tourism that affects New Zealand. The International Tax on Conservation and Tourism (IVL – International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy) has a cost of 35 New Zealand dollars.   According to the Minister of …

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Thomas Cook & Son in the History of Tourism

Thomas Cook and The first Organized Tourist Trip Thomas Cook & Son History of Tourism. The founder grew up in a Baptist family and was a fervent believer, both traveling through his region as a missionary. I work as a cabinetmaker to earn money. Influenced by his experience as a missionary, he decided to be a teetotaler at age 25. He attributed part of the great social problems of the moment to alcohol consumption. In a way, his participation in …

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Which Airlines are Bankrupt by Covid19?

Several Airlines are Bankrupt by Covid19 Airlines are Bankrupt by Covid19: The coronavirus and its spread throughout most of the world left the airline industry in ruins. Many airlines have stopped flying and some of them have already announced that they will not do so again or that they will drastically cut routes. Among the companies that already reported it, the last ones were Latam, (Chilean) and Avianca (Colombian) that filed for bankruptcy in the United States. To do this, …

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