French decoration Louis XIV Style

French Decoration Louis XIV Style

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One of the most refined and elegant styles that exist when it comes to furnishing and decorating a home is The Louis XIV style.

This style of French decoration is an unmistakable style admired on more than one occasion. It is a style of French decoration deeply rooted in another era not very distant in several European countries and that belonged to the bourgeoisie and the high social classes. This Louis XIV style represented the glamor of the time, ostentation, luxury, excess and pomposity.

Its decoration is based on three fundamental pillars that mix, and without which, this decorative trend would not be understood: Light, color, and materials.


When this style is born, within the French decoration, high society tries to show light and brightness through their homes. The lighting therefore becomes key to transmit these values, and fine glass lamps and bright noble metals are chosen.

The lamps take presence, are important within a room, and provide not only glamor and status, but sometimes excessive lighting but used to show each and every corner of the home. There are no shadows, only light, light everywhere.

The most representative example of employment of the LIGHT is the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles

French decoration Louis XIV Style
French decoration Louis XIV Style


The seventeenth century was a time of ostentation and luxury for French high society. The houses, mansions and palaces should go according to the values ​​they wanted to convey. Therefore, the most used colors are bright colors such as yellow, gold, green, blue or red. Strong, powerful colours, with their own light and that made any room in the home important.

All these colors were combined with white bases. In this way, light and contrast were achieved and dark environments with lack of light were avoided. Candles are no stranger to colors. Vividly colored candles are used for candlesticks.

Textile accessories would be softer in terms of color, but of equal importance, with floral prints being the most used in the style of decoration Louis XIV.


The materials are used, of course they were luxurious and noble. Silk, porcelain, ivory, ebony, gold & silver, Wood, as the main raw material for furniture and floors, acquires great relevance.

The furniture used to be curved, and with decorative details carved on the edges. Above all floral decorative details, some were also combined with other materials such as marble.

The style of French decoration, which later gave way to the renowned Louis XVI style decor, and which was calmer and more sober in terms of colors, but just as ostentatious towards the outside.

Marble was widely used, the Palace of Versailles being the most decisive. The rooms of peace and war were used and combined more than 14 different types of marbles

The French Decoration Louis XIV Style, also known as the Baroque style, emerged during the reign of King Louis XIV of France in the 17th century. This opulent and extravagant style became synonymous with the grandeur and power of the French monarchy. It influenced various aspects of art and design, including porcelain, buildings, architecture, and furniture.


The French Decoration Louis XIV Style influenced the production of porcelain, particularly at the renowned Sèvres porcelain factory. Porcelain pieces were adorned with intricate designs, often featuring motifs such as floral patterns, mythological figures, and scenes from classical mythology. The use of vibrant colors and gold accents added to the luxurious appeal of these pieces.


The architecture of the French Decoration Louis XIV Style is characterized by grandeur and symmetry. Palaces, such as the Palace of Versailles, were built with elaborate facades, ornate columns, and intricate detailing. The use of marble, gold leaf, and sculptures further enhanced the opulence of these buildings.


The French Decoration Louis XIV Style influenced architectural design, with a focus on creating harmonious and balanced spaces. The use of grand staircases, domes, and high ceilings added to the sense of grandeur. Elaborate plasterwork, frescoes, and murals adorned the interiors, showcasing the artistic prowess of the era.


Furniture in the French Decoration Louis XIV Style was characterized by its ornate and lavish designs. Richly carved wood, often gilded with gold leaf, was used to create intricate details and motifs. Chairs and sofas were upholstered in luxurious fabrics, such as velvet and silk, adorned with tassels and fringes. The furniture pieces were often large and imposing, reflecting the grandeur of the era.

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