The Best Pink Sand Beach

The Best Pink Beach in The World

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Pink Sand: These are the Best Pink Beach found in the World: Spain, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Bahamas & Barbuda. The sand has that color due to the remains of molluscs and marine algae that were deposited during thousands of years on those beaches.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

The Best Pink Sand Beach 2023
The Best Pink Sand Beach

This pink sand beach also owes its color to the accumulation of eroded remains of sea shells and coral debris, especially on the shore. Fine pink sand stretches throughout this place that is already overcrowded by growing tourism, in addition to even having the occasional refreshment stand or selling souvenirs, greatly taking away from the unspoilt appeal of this place. The best? The contrast it makes with the turquoise blue sea, clean and attractive.


Pantai Merah Beach – Komodo, Indonesia

In Indonesia, a country that receives more and more tourists, we find this pink sand beach that is on the island of Komodo. This island is famous for being the habitat of the fearsome dragons of Komodo. The green hills that surround it and its cliffs complete the show, as well as being a highly recommended place for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, as it is possible to see many species of fish.


Best Nude Beach in USA

Pantai Merah Beach 2022 - Komodo, Indonesia - Best Pink Beach 2022
Pantai Merah Beach Pink Sand  – Komodo, Indonesia. – Best Pink Beach



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Tangsee Beach – Indonesia

This beach is located in the southeast of Lombok, an island very close to Bali. Its proximity to coral reefs also make it one of the most famous in the area and visited by tourists. A piece of advice: the ideal time to visit it is dawn.


Tangsee Beach - Indonesia
Tangsee Beach – Indonesia


Lombok Pink Beach –  Indonesia

It is one of the most famous beaches in Lombok for its pink sand, hence the name. If you don’t want to go on a motorcycle you can also do a Rented Excursion to Pink Beach. Indonesia

Lombok Pink Beach – Indonesia - Best Pink Beach 2022
Lombok Pink Beach – Indonesia – Best Pink Beach 


Spiaggia Rossa, Sardinia – Italy

Located in the Bonifacio Strait, in the north of Sardinia Italy, the beaches of Budelli are among the favorite ones of the region. 

Pieces of coral, shells and bivalve mollusks give color to the sand of the spa that has been protected territory for twenty years and today offers a spectacular picture. The blue of the sea hits the pink beach and a little further on the intense green of the vegetation. Undoubtedly, a postcard to admire

Spiaggia Rossa, Sardinia -Italy Another best pink beach -Best Pink Beach 2022
Spiaggia Rossa, Sardinia -Italy Another – Best Pink Beach 


Elafonisi, Greece – Best Pink Beach

The small island, to the southwest of Crete – Greece, is one of the destinations that surprise tourists who travel the area. There is the Lafonisi Nature Reserve, which turns the landscape -columns of sea daffodils- into an even more spectacular site. A few kilometers to the north is Gramvousa, another pink sand resort.

Elafonisi Another Best pink sand beach
Elafonisi Another Best Pink Sand Beach

Beach of Bálos,  Crete – Greece

In Crete, moving from the southwest to the northwest, the Bálos beach and its lagoon are a spectacle to enjoy. It is located between the ends of Gramvousa and Tigali, in an amazing place to enjoy nature. It has crystal clear waters and pink sand, which are a special attraction for tourists.

Can be reached by ferry from Kissamos port.

Best Pink Beach 2022- Beach of Bálos,  Crete - Greece -
Sand Pink Beach 2022 – Beach of Bálos,  Crete – Greece



Beach of Ses Illetes – Spain

Another best pink beach is Formentera, like the other Balearic Islands, is known throughout the world for the quality of its beaches. This, located to the north within the Natural Park of Ses Salines. And was recognized among the five best beaches in the world and many consider it to be the most beautiful in Europe. It is surrounded by islands and reefs, four kilometers from the savina and can be accessed by land or sea. It has a gentle slope: 50 meters from the shore the sea reaches a depth of one and a half meters. For its natural wealth and its landscape value, it was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site

Beach of Ses Illetes, Spain Another best pink beach - Best Pink Beach 2022
Beach of Ses Illetes, Spain Another best pink beach – Best Pink Beach .
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Pink Sand Beach – Bahamas

Harbor Island is a long island in the Bahamas with beaches both in calm waters and in the open sea of the Atlantic. It is right on this side that Pink Sands Beach is located, a pink sand beach and one of the most famous in the country also for its almost five kilometers in length. The distance from this pink sand beach to Florida is 313 miles, and from New York 1100 miles

Pink Sands Beach - Bahamas - Best Pink Sand
Best Pink Beach – Bahamas


Pink Sand Beach of  Great Santa Cruz – Philippines 

In the Philippines we are going to visit a pink sand beach located in Great Santa Cruz. This is a small island located in the south of the archipelago. To access it you have to go through the city of Zamboanga – Philippines. Visits to this beach are day trips where you can take advantage of sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.


Gunnison Beach

To take into account for those who do not know how to swim or go with children: A few meters from the shore the depth increases greatly, so it is advisable to take precautions.

Pink Beach of  Great Santa Cruz - Philippines  - Best Pink Sand
Pink Beach of  Great Santa Cruz – Philippines 


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Caribbean Sea

Pink Beach – Bonaire – Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean also has its peculiar pink sand beach. It is an extensive beach located to the south of the airport near the old slave cabins, opposite the Cargill salt flats.

Like the rest of the pink sand beaches, the shore of this place is pink due to the remains of crustaceans that come ashore, hence the name Pink Beach. Also, this color fades strongly closer to the sea. In 1999 a strong storm almost completely destroyed this beautiful beach and much of the pinkish sand had to be replaced with coral sand.

The nearby coral reef was also affected by the storm which washed sand deposits onto it. Still, diving here is one of the best things you can do.


The Best Pink Sand Beach 2023
The Best Pink Sand Beach 


Crane Beach – Barbados

It is one of the best beaches in Barbados and its sand is a wonderful pale pink that contrasts with the turquoise water. It is located right next to a Resort, the Crane Resort, of pure luxury.

Crane Beach - The Best Pink Sand Beach 2023
Crane Beach – The Best Pink Sand Beach 


Why is the sand on the beach pink?

The pink sand is composed of eroded calcium carbonate, a type of substrate present on the seabed that, in this case, is mixed with a series of red foraminifera, which is a kind of algae. So that is one of the reasons why it ends up giving it that color.

The formation of pink sand is also due to the crushing of corals of that color. Water currents or erosion caused by fish, sea urchins. coral reefs and other marine species merge until they find the pink color of the beach sand.

How many colors of sand are there?

The colors of beach sand are determined by the different rocks and minerals that make up the sand. These small rock fragments come mostly from the mountains, which after being eroded, are transported to the beaches by the rivers and the sea itself.

Sand grains are formed when rock or other hard material is broken down by waves, a process that can take thousands of years. Beaches with pebbles (or stones) or coarse sand are very young, while beaches with fine sand are older. The color of the sand grains comes from the original material that formed the sand.

Sveti stefan:  Beach Pink Sand in Montenegro

Most of the time along the Adriatic, the beaches are pebble beaches. On the 2-kilometre stretch of Montenegrin coastline that encompasses Sveti Stefan, pink-sand beaches frame blue waters with very few waves. Pink sand beaches are made of pink from a mixture of calcium carbonate-rich shell fragments and sea creatures.

In this part of the coast, the former royal family Karađorđević established their summer home here in 1934. Two of the pink sand beaches are even called King’s Beach and Queen’s Beach due to their spectacular west-facing location.

King’s Beach, is named Miločer Beach, is surrounded by 20 acres of park containing exotic flora such as Lebanese cedars, cacti, agave, and tropical mimosas.


White Sand, Green Sand

For example, the white sand on tropical beaches is pulverized bits of coral. Hawaii’s Big Island Green Beach is green because the particular type of rock that formed the sand (basalt) has high amounts of a green mineral called olivine.

Sand grains often have a different palette of colors and shapes. Most of the sand on beaches is composed of quartz and gray or light brown feldspar.

Quartz is a light-colored mineral, so a white-sand beach will most likely have a lot of quartz. The darker sand comes from a variety of minerals that are often denser and heavier and darker than quartz.

Black Sand Beaches

A common mineral that gives the beach a dark color is magnetite. While the black sand beaches derive their color from volcanic sediments.

If you look closely at the sand on Italian beaches, you will see that it is made up of many different colored grains, mainly quartz and also small pieces of shell.

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