Porto Winery Selection

Porto Winery Selection – Caves Poças We visit the Caves Poças a Porto Winery  in Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto – Portugal), where we enjoy a unique experience. We enter the world of DOC Douro wines, especially the wines of Porto Poças. The activity begins with a guided tour of the winery, where the guide tells us the story of Caves Poças, a family business and the evolution to this day. The visit was very original and relaxed because we were …

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Porto: Coffee Shop Majestic an Icon of the Belle Epoque

Porto: Cafe Shop Majestic

The Coffee shop Majestic located in Rua de Santa Catarina N ° 122, opened its doors in 1921 with the name of “Elite”. It was designed by architect Joao Queirós inspired by the work of maestro Marques da Silva. At its inauguration attended all the personalities of the political and artistic world

Coffee shop majestic - porto
Coffee shop majestic – porto

Art Deco in Porto

In 1922, the name was changed to the current one. Art Deco style was one of the most luxurious places in Oporto. The marble facade is adorned with plant motifs of sinuous shapes. A trio of charming columns marks the facade.
 In the upper part a pediment crowns the decoration with the Majestic’s initials. On the sides there are two representations of children who, amusing, invite the passer-by to enter.

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